Sears Compressor - Model # 919.167311 30 gal

by Debbie

This compressor was given to me. It runs, builds up to 40 psi and won't cut off. It just keeps on running, and running, and running. What's the problem?...Thank you


Bill says...

Hello Debbie.

Your complaint is not an unusual one, and I (along with dozens of visitors) have written about it extensively.

Please have a look at these pages on why compressors won't build pressure.



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Dec 11, 2015
919.167311 Junk air compressor from sears
by: Don

Bought new craftsman model 919.167311. 6 hp 30 gal compressor from Sears. Used about 20 minutes.

Left unused again till you guessed it the warranty expired.

Plugged in again and the compressor acted like it would try to start and then kick the breaker. I replaced every switch, solenoid included. Nothing worked. Would still kick the circuit breaker.

I gave up and now own a nice looking piece of junk from craftsman.

It cost me the price of the compressor to learn my lesson but I expect it cost Sears a lot more as I purchase several thousand dollars of equipment yearly. But guess what? Not a single dollar was spent on craftsman junk. They probably don't care but I'm probably not the only customer they have lost. Ps Sears would not even offer to help only would offer to repair at my expense. Haha

Jun 10, 2015
by: Bill

A broad range of issues that could cause this are covered on the troubleshooting pages, Stan.

If the power supply to your compressor is clean, then I'd be inclined to do a capacitor check.


Jun 10, 2015
Sounds like it is running half speed
by: Stan


My Sears Compressor - Model # 919.167311 30 gal, sounds as if it is running at half speed, doesn't really build any pressure before tripping the associated breaker.

Any thoughts? based on this given compressor.

Thank you,


Jul 14, 2013
regulator on 30 gallon craftsman
by: George

My compressor turns on & off, but when it shuts off the regulator leaks air through a small hole on it's side & around the regulator cap. I took regulator cap & top off & there is a like a bolt inside that seems to be loose. can i repair this or do i need a new regulator?

Oct 21, 2012
Model #919.167311
by: Jim

Very Loud when running. Would not buy another.

Dec 09, 2011
Cut-off Pressure?
by: Gary

What is the pressure switch cut-off pressure?

It gets up to 120 psi and doesn't shut off and I am affraid to let it run further. What is a safe PSI to let it develope?


Gary, I tried to find the specs with no luck. I suspect however, you are good to about 150 PSI for that compressors. Before you turn it back on, pull on the PRV ring (air will blast out if there is air in the ank) and then push it back in to shut off the PRV. Now you know it will let go when it should, and that's when the pressure in the tank or compressor gets too high. If your compressor is taking more than, say 5 minutes to fill and shut off, I suspect you have a pump valve, or gasket problem.

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Regulator turned all the way in..Very little pressure at tool..

I have a 1hp 7 1/2 gal sears compressor model # 919-154010.The compreesor runs fine and builds to 90 psi
but,even with the regulator turned all the way in there
is never anymore then 20psi at the tool end of the hose.
The gauge at the regulator stays at 20psi all the time.
Any suggestions on how to increase pressure would be great..

Bill says....

Dave, you have two gauges on the compressor. One shows tank pressure and you say that the other, the one attached to the regulator, shows 20 PSI all the time. Correct?

When you rotate the knob on the regulator control, does the air pressure change at all? If not, try pushing in or pulling out on the knob to see if has come loose from the innards. Does this help?

It is possible, too, that the gauge has failed. If you read the GAUGES page you'll understand that these are very low cost, and prone to failure, items.



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