' Parts for a Model TA-2040

by Billy p.
(Parrott Ga.)

Model TA-2040 with tank check valve circled

Model TA-2040 with tank check valve circled

Model TA-2040 only had it 2 and1/2 years runs but wont build pressure

where air goes into tank has a check valve the spring is broken also a small line going to the under side of control switch what I think is what makes it cut on and off with hi / low pressure is leaking air and cant find anyone that sells parts

tractor supply says call the company but the number on the tank goes to tractor supply. so now I have done bought three items from there that has been a f88888g headache

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Nov 08, 2018
Unloader valve
by: Tc

I've been looking for an unloader valve for my Jobsmart TA-2040 (2015) air compressor. Can't seem to find brand specific.. I believe the part numerous is 21.040 (strain relief,6w-3) according to owners manual.

No picture of it in manual so not sure if it is correct.

Found exact picture online of what I need but is called an unloader valve. I'm unable to post a picture for some reason but I'll describe best I can.. it is a T like housing that has a needle-like piece inside that the unloader tube comes from the check valve and attaches to...

It is attached to the underside of the master switch of the compressor.

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Dec 08, 2014
A crack in the brass piece
by: Bill

Billy, this is one of those scenarios that prove the saying a "picture is worth a thousand words.

If it is the brass nut that's holding the unloader tube onto the check valve fitting that's cracked, you'll quite likely have to replace the unloader tube, as there will likely be a ferrule that's tightened onto the tube over which the nut slides as it connects to the fitting.

Sadly, plumbing outlets do not now stock a broad range of fittings.

Remove the whole line, take it to a local industrial valve and fittings store, and ask them to replace the line with 300 PSI rated polyurethane tube, and give you fittings for each end of the tube to fit your compressor fittings.

Dec 08, 2014
air compressor
by: billy

its not the check valve on the check valve fitting is another small silver line going to the bottom side of the electrical box this is where the air is leaking from it actually has a crack in the brass piece

Dec 07, 2014
Model TA-2040 parts
by: Bill

I understand your frustration with trying to purchase parts for the low cost DIY air compressors, Billy.

For most of these types of compressors, they are so low in price that parts replacement can often add up to more cost than the compressor was new. This one retailed for $130 list and might have sold for under $100 when on sale.

If you use your browser and search for "air compressor tank check valve" you will find many that will replace the one in your tank. Before you do that, remove the tank check valve and rinse it with solvent, and once dry, test it to see if it once again stops air trying to exit the tank. If may only need a good cleaning.

When you say "I think is what makes it cut on and off with hi / low pressure is leaking air and cant find anyone that sells parts" I think that once you clean and /or replace the tank check valve, this problem will be resolved too.


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