' Kaeser SM 11- thermostat specs

Good morning. My tech said the thermostat needs to be replaced and that it will be 1-2 weeks. I was trying to find the right thermostat online to see if I could get it faster, but the service manual from Kaeser doesn't list any specs for the thermostat. Do you know what I need to look for?

Thank you

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Nov 08, 2018
Follow up on Kaeser SM 11- thermostat specs
by: Candice

After thermostat installation, my tech said we need to replace the minimum pressure check valve. Once again, the manual does not have that part number,so any help would be appreciated:)
Thank you

Oct 31, 2018
Kaeser HPC location
by: Carl

Hi, I'm really not sure, it’s probably best to contact HPC direct:


They will be able to tell you whether there is a stockist in the area

Hope that helps?

Oct 30, 2018
follow up
by: Candice

Thanks Carl.

Are there any North American locations I can buy this at? I'm finding UK locations only.
Thank you

Oct 26, 2018
Kaeser SM11 Thermo valve
by: Carl

It shouldn’t take that long to order the thermostatic valve, here are 2 part numbers which have the thermo valves that you need, they are different in price but have exactly the same valves included

96000255 (cheapest)

If you are having difficulty finding the part numbers then add 20 in front of these numbers

Hope this helps

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