Power fails in the duel coiled 5/2 valve?

by Gireesh

What will happen if the power fails in the duel coiled 5/2 valve?

it is used for a double acting cylinder,cylinder forward coil is on & cylinder moved forwared suddenly power fails.in this case is the cylinder move backwared / stay in that position only??
Gireesh, typically, if you have a 5/2 with two coils, the valve will stay in the position is was shifted to by the last coil that was energized.

If it were a 3 position valve, the internal springs would tend to center the spool, and whatever spool configuration was in that valve, that would be the default air flow.

It is common to design in 2 position, two coil valves as the detent position of the flow paths in the valve, and the position of the cylinder, will stay the same in the event of a power failure.



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Pneumatic valve for can crusher?

by Scott

Double air pilot pneumatic valve for can crusher?

I am wanting to build a pneumatic can crusher. I was wanting to know if a single or a double air pilot pneumatic valve would operate correctly on this device and give me complete can compaction.
Scott, can compaction will be a result of pressure exerted, and not the type of control valve you use to turn on and off the can crusher.

Even a very small air valve, allowing 90 PSI to flow through it, will ultimately provide the same force in an air cylinder that a huge valve, supplying the same 90 PSI. The only difference will be the length of time it takes for the can crusher to operate.

I also wonder why you would want a double air piloted valve?

I am happy to draw the air circuit for you, with a bill of materials, but my air circuit design work isn't free.

If you post a comment here with your email address I'll email you an invoice for 2 hours work, upon payment of which, I will send you the drawing in a .pdf format.

This will be an air circuit drawing, not a mechanical design drawing. Those I do not do.



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I need an air release valve?

I need a valve that will allow all my air pressure except for 10 pounds to escape my system.

I need 10 pounds to remain in the system at all times while still allowing pressure in the system to fluctuate between 10# and 100#

Not clearly understanding what your compressed air requirement makes this a bit hard to help with, Mark.

When you say "system", do you mean in the air mains or air lines, or do you mean in the compressor tank, as well?

You can put a pressure switch in the air main that will signal a valve to close on the discharge line when the air in the main reaches 10 PSI, keeping that 10 PSI in the tank.

Also, your typical pressure switch is running between say 80 PSI cut in, and 135 PSI or so cut out, so the air in the system should never get down to the 10 PSI level unless you are using more air than your compressor can provide.

Another suggestion is to get a compressor big enough so that your air demand can never exceed its capacity, and then your pressure should never fall.

As I say, more info about the application is needed. Please post it as a comment here.



Comments for I need an air release valve?

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Feb 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

circuit is REAL simple.
I have a paddle valve that will get supply air from compressor tank.
it sends air to my bags and on the other side dumps to atmosphere to release bags.
I just want to install a min pressre valve on dump side to keep 10# in bag system at all times.

no such thing as local air shop.

all I need is a source and part name/type of a fitting or device that will let all air out of my system except for 10#

Feb 27, 2012
by: Mark

Okay... a little clarity.
This is for my truck and the overload airbags I installed.
during normal unloaded driving the bags are not needed at all and when inflated provide an incredibly harsh ride.

They require a MIN 10# in bags at all times.

I am installing a paddle switch and need to make sure that when I dump all pressure I can do it and still keep 10# in bags/lines with no hassles.

basically idiot proof.

my supply side is already regulated to 100# so when needed-I fill bags until truck stops lifting, then I want to be able to dump bags without continously monitoring pressure until truck is back at empty ride height.
Thanks for the update. Yes, it is possible to do, but it will require a multi-component circuit.

My concern is two fold... any equipment used on a rolling rig has to be pretty robust to handle the environment, and to troubleshoot the circuit after installation will take a bit of work.

I suggest you visit a local industrial compressed air shop whom will, I expect, be happy to design the circuit and provide the necessary hardware.

I don't give away my circuit design work, Mark, and even if I did do the circuit for (and you paid me), I wouldn't be there to help troubleshoot the inevitable problems. A local shop will.

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