How long will this tank run this air tool?


Duration of pneumatic power tool using tank?

How long in duration could I use a chicago air grinder, that is rated at 90psi and 3 scfm?

Please assume that we regulated the pressure with a regulator appropriately.

How long (mins or hours) could i continuously use the grinder?

Link of Air Tool for specs:

Link of air tank for specs:
Happy to post this for you. The answer will rely on the pressure in the tank when you start using the tool.

I have looked at the tank, and even though it promotes hundreds of "shots" with a paintball gun, my gut sense is that it wouldn't provide very much use time on an air tool like the grinder you refer to.

I don't have a method of gauging this duration myself. If you have already purchased the tank test it. If you haven't, I wouldn't waste my money it were me.

Anyone else have any ideas?



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Will my air tools run with 100 feet of hose.

by bill


Firstly what an informative site, im new to compressorsd and what i have learnt reading through the site has been amazing.

Anyway back to my question...
I have a 3hp 2.2kw 14cfm 400L/min compressor with a 200 litre tank.

I have a 100 foot 3/8 id hose.

The main tool i will be using is an impact wrench rated at Average Air Consumption cfm 5 and 142L/min. Air Consumption @ Load cfm 24 and 680L/min. Will my air wrench work properly?

I wont be holding the trigger constantly but short bursts as you do with impact wrenches. The reason for the long hose is i have a very large yard and the only place i can store the compressor is 100 feet away from where i need my air tools.

If this will not work properly what sort of power compressor should i look to get to run my air wrench properly? Air wrench is very important to my line of work.

First off, it's always better to run with a long air hose, than to try and move the compressor closer to the work place by using an extension cord of some type.

Your electric motor can be damaged by running it with too low current flow, which can happen if an extension cord isn't the right gauge.

With an air tool, all that will happen is that the tool may not perform correctly if you have too small an air supply. It will not damage the tool, and to correct it, use a larger hose.

In your case, all I can tell you is to plumb the tool with the 100' hose, and if that doesn't provide enough air, due to pressure drop, to feed the wrench, move to a larger I.D. hose.

You do want to read the pages on pressure drop, and the pages on air hoses, as what you don't know may cause you some problems.

Cheers, and thanks for the kind words.


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Amount of PSI for air tools?

Psi - What do i need to run air tools

What do i need to run air tools such as grinders and impact guns on a 125 psi air compressor with a 2.5 gallon tank.

The air tools you've listed will likely run perfectly well on 90-100 PSI, although it would be best to check their specs to be sure.

There is likely a plate or label on the tools that advises their consumption and recommended PSI.

As a your air tools at the lowest air pressure that provides satisfactory results. The tools will last longer, and your air consumption will decrease.

In terms of what do you "need", is the question what size or HP of air compressor?

If so, you'll need one with a motor HP that provides the flow those tools use at the PSI that's recommended if you are planning to use them for long periods of time each use. (More than a minute or two).

If your use will be sporadic, you can get away with a smaller HP air compressor and wait for the air pressure in the tank to "catch up" each time the compressed air supply falls below the minimum needed for that tool.

Rule of thumb, for compressors under 10HP in size, bank on getting 2-3 CFM of compressed air flow at 90 PSI for each HP of motor size.

Once you figure out what flow rate your tools need, and how long you are planning to use them at one time, you can do a rough estimate to figure out how much HP your compressor motor will need.



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Feb 22, 2010
What does 5 scfm@90psi and 6 scfm@40psi
by: jerry

Just bought a compressor 2 horse 8 gall tank,its 115psi it has a tank pressure gauge and a outlet pressure gauge 115 max psi, it says 5 scfm@90psi and 6 scfm@40psi what does this mean , do i set the outlet pressure gauge at 40psi to get 6 scfm, and the outlet pressure gauge to 90psi to get 5scfm.
Bill says... Hi Jerry.

Why do you want 5 SCFM?

Air works this way. You get a certain volume of air (measured in SCFM) and a certain pressure (measured in PSI). What you need to do, besides reading a lot more pages on this site where all of your questions are answered, is to see what your air tool needs. Then you dial the air pressure to that pressure setting. If at that setting you don't have enough volume of air that the air tool needs, you likely have too small a compressor, or you are only going to be able to run your tool for short periods of time, and then wait for the air to catch up.


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4.3 scfm compressor run impact wrench?

Can 4.3 scfm compressor run my impact wrench?

Using a 20 gallon compressor with a rating of 4.3 scfm would i be able to use a 3/8 x 5oft hose to run my impact wrench and other tools with a air consumption of around 3 to 5 cmf?
Friend, this is a marginal use, at best.

Compressors hardly ever actually provide the flows they are reputed to provide (speaking of low cost DIY type compressors).

A 3/8" hose at 50' will contribute substantially to pressure drop, which will affect the ability of the air tool to run properly.

Couple that with a regulator that quite likely is reducing air flow somewhat (again, if it's a DIY type compressor) and I suspect you won't be happy with the results.

If you have a big reservoir, then you will be able to use the wrench for a bit before it runs out of air.

Frankly, though, I think you will need a bigger air compressor.

Good luck.


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Apr 16, 2012
will try
by: Shawn

Will try regulator and 1/2 hose in the near future.Short burts is primarily what im looking for.

Apr 14, 2012
by: Shawn

Thanks Bill for your reply.The compressor works,but as you stated not with the best results.I will be switching to a 3/8 x 25'hose to get a little better results.Thanks again
You are most welcome. You can see more info posted by pcbeachrat below.

And, if the budget can stand it, try moving up to a full size 1/8" or 1/4" regulator and a 1/2" hose. Your tool will run better, just not as long.


Apr 13, 2012
Impact wrench
by: pcbeachrat

First of all SCFM is an imaginary rating on air compressors if you would read up on it,scfm is at a certain atmospheric pressure,whith x amount of humidity on such and such dew point and at so and so sea level etc. It is a cfm rating that counts on pnuematics,and this is the way compressor manufacturers get over on you is advertising scfm instead of cfm.Please read the true meaning of what scfm is all about and you will see what I mean.Search it on the internet.4.3 scfm is nothing like cfm....Your compressor really does not have enough ooomph to run an impact except with intermediate bursts and thats it.

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