* Adding a regulator to the Mastercraft airbrush compressor

by Fran Friesen
(Coquitlam, BC)

Mastercraft airbrush compressor

Mastercraft airbrush compressor

I would like to add a regulator to the Mastercraft airbrush compressor so I can better control the mount of air going through the airbrush. How do I do that?

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Nov 22, 2018
Mastercraft airbrush compressor manual
by: Bill

The manual can be downloaded from this page:


Nov 22, 2018
Mastercraft airbrush compressor
by: Bill

OK Fran, this site is here to help folks "understand the jargon" and it will take some time on your part to read the pages and learn. I cannot retype everything that's on the site in response to your as there is too much.

I can tell you that this compressor (I uploaded a photo of the kit) apparently has a fixed pressure of 57 PSI, meaning there is no way you can adjust that pressure with how the compressor is rigged now.

Nor do I know if add a regulator downstream from the filter would affect the operation of the compressor.

This compressor is designed to deliver a constant stream of pressure to the air brush, yet it also stands to reason that the flow pressure will alter as the air brush is used, depending on the flow of the brush and the thickness of the paint.

I also see that this whole kit is currently on sale at the store for $99, a pretty good value for a basic air brush setup.

I will be adding the manual to the air brush page on this site shortly, and suggest if you haven't got yours, to download a copy and read it front to back.

If this were me I'd add a small mini-regulator to where the air enters the air hose from the existing filter with a nipple. Then I would add the hose to the downstream side of the regulator so that you could reduce the supply pressure from the regulator to the pressure you wanted.

Does this help?

As to the link you sent earlier, it did not work, so the link was removed from the post.

Nov 21, 2018
airbrush compressor regulator
by: Anonymous

I do not understand all the compressor jargon to understand how to answer. This is all very new to me. So that is why I sent a url with a picture of the compressor. Did it not come through? thanks for your help. I will try to figure it out.


Nov 21, 2018
Mastercraft regulator
by: Bill

Since you did not respond to this "Does the air line to your air brush connect to the compressor with a coupler on the compressor and a connector on the air line? " I'm not sure.

If your compressor line does this, then I thought I explained it in the previous post?

As to what regulator, any "mini" regulator, probably 1/8" NPT will do fine. Any regulator will work as long as its regulated pressure range is equal to or greater than your requirements.

Even a regulator that's rated for 0 - 150 PSI can be used, thought typically the narrower the range the more accurate.

Please read all of the Regulator related pages on this site for more guidance, all linked from the sitemap page.

Nov 21, 2018
Where do I insert the regulator?
by: Fran Friesen

where do I insert the regulator and what regulator should I buy. This is an airbrush compressor kit. The PSI goes between 30 adn 60. I would like to get it down to 20psi for airbrushing. Here is the photo of the compressor and airbrush assembled

(Link removed as it did not work. Moderator)

Nov 21, 2018
Mastercraft airbrush compressor regulator
by: Bill

Does the air line to your air brush connect to the compressor with a coupler on the compressor and a connector on the air line?

If so, power down the compressor, if there's a tank dump all the air, then remove the coupler from the compressor.

If necessary use an adapter to match the threads between the IN port on the regulator to the pipe on the compressor.

Use a nipple to connect the coupler onto the regulators OUT side. There should be an arrow on the head or body of the regulator showing air flow through it. The arrow points to the air hose, not the compressor.

Adjust the pressure on the regulator to suit, plug the air line into the coupler, and away you go.

Did this help?

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