You show that sandblasting requires 300+ cfm...

by Kevin
(San Diego, CA)

In your manual, you show that sandblasting requires 300+ cfm's...

I have a small sand blasting cabinet (floor mount from Harbor Freight - vacuum modified and sealed so it doesn't leak a bit).

And I just bought a 16 cfm @90 psi compressor, but according to your information, it's not going to do me a lick of good.

Are you saying that I'm going to have to buy a $20,000 compressor to power up a small blasting cabinet??

My cabinet is only 25 ft. from my compressor...

I'm a little discouraged now.
Naw, don't be discouraged, Kevin. Any compressor will work with any sandblaster.

The only issue is... how long will the blaster work? The smaller the air compressor the more frequently that you will have to wait between charges of air, and if you use a too small air compressor too long, you could burn it up.

The other overriding message is to know what the air demand is of the tool you want to use, and compare that demand to the output of your compressor.

What does the book-of-words for your blast cabinet tell you about the air demand and pressure requirements of your blaster? Let that be your guide as compared to the theoretical 16 CFM output of your compressor.

Also, read the pages on this site about pressure drop. 25' of pipe isn't too long, but it sure is if you are trying to power a blast cabinet with a 1/4" line.


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