What Is My Compressor Worth

What is my compressor worth is a question that gets asked a lot on this website. Here's how you can get help finding out.

We are talking about Air Compressors on this site, so, please make sure that you are posting about a compressor, OK?

What Is My Compressor Worth is a tough question. Here are some of the reasons why it's really hard to nail it down.

  • Has the compressor been used or has it been abused? No way to tell from an on line forum.
  • Is the compressor really working well, or is the poster just saying that to elevate the price?
  • Is it a well known brand with parts and service departments easily available?
  • Where is the compressor? They are difficult to ship inexpensively, and some folks may not want to chance a long drive.
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Nevertheless, there's a need to get a consensus about What Is My Compressor Worth and that's where this site comes into it.

At the bottom of this page is a form on which you can ask folks to help you figure out "what is my compressor worth?" by adding information about your air compressor.

There are just a couple of things that you must do in order to get your air compressor posting in front of the thousands of people that visit this site every week.

  1. You must upload a least one photo, preferable four, of your compressor or the posting will not go live.
  2. Identify the Make, Model and Year (if you know how old it is) in the Title Line on the form.
  3. Provide as much detail about the condition of the compressor in the description, including any faults with it.
  4. In the posting make sure you indicate the location of the compressor. The location will affect the worth.
  5. After you click "Submit" then the system asks about notifications. Please be sure to include your valid email address there so you can be notified by the system when someone responds to your posting. That's the only reason the system needs your email address. It is not used for anything else or kept for any other reason. I promise.

That's it. Use the form, add the info, and let's find out What Is My Compressor Worth?

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