What capacitor for a 40440?

by alan

What size needed to be compatible?

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May 29, 2016
Capacitor specs
by: Anonymous

Mine is a CBB60, 120uF 250V replaced it with a NGM brand 61B2D250120NNCA that is rated at 120-144uF 250V AC

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May 24, 2016
Size the capacitor
by: Bill

Usually if you look on the side of the capacitor there will be information. You are looking for the capacitor range in micro-farads. It may be listed as MFD.

You should also find a voltage range.

Find a capacitor that has a similar MFD rating and the same voltage range, one that will fit where the existing capacitor is, terminal connection and mounting position.

If it's the same MFD and voltage, you can use it.

No info on capacitor. You'll need to see the motor information plate to identify what capacitor or use a Google check what the capacitor is for such and such a motor HP, with xxx voltage etc.

Or, maybe another visitor can provide the exact details.

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