Turn Husky compressor on and nothing

by Kt

Turn on and nothing, one day it worked, next day nothing. Not used a lot, can't find reset switch or manual.

Compressor doesn't do anything when turned on, it's not used a lot...and fairly new...can't find reset button or manual

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Aug 24, 2014
by: It

Husky 1.7 hp 26 gallon model WL660900AI

Aug 23, 2014
Husky won't start
by: Bill

It's difficult to offer specific assistance when I have no idea what size of compressor, or what the Husky model number is. That information should be on the air compressor somewhere.

See the page about why air compressors don't start under troubleshooting for some general issues to check.


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turn the Husky 60 gal. compressor on and will not run

by william
(mesa az )

info on the compressor :
Husky 60 gal. single stage stationary electric air compressor features a cast iron, oil lubricated pump. For maximum performance and efficiency the Husky 60 gal. runs on a heavy duty induction motor. 155 psi max pressure allows the user optimum tool performance.
•CFM at 40 psi is 13.4 and CFM at 90 psi is 11.5
•Large capacity, 60 gal. ASME air receiver provides more air for longer run times on air tools such as ratchets, impacts, spray guns, hammers, etc.
•Equipped with pressure gauge and on/off switch
•Supported by our toll free help line 888-895-4549
•Shipped with synthetic oil for optimum performance and long life

my issue

i just used it the other day with no issues i tried to use it last night turn the switch and nothing happened . checked the breaker its fine , checked the reset button on the motor that was fine , pulled the cover off the compressor switch seen everything connected and that looked to be fine what should be my next step or what do i need to do to fix this issue

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Oct 08, 2014
Husky won't start
by: Bill

If you've got a multi-meter, check the power flow to, across the pressure switch, and to the power circuit.

Obviously, if you've got an ON/OFF switch, make sure it's working.

I know you said the breaker's good, but is power getting to the motor?

What's the air pressure in the tank? When I'm troubleshooting I always drain the tank to zero to be sure that the pressure switch will have tripped.

If power is to the motor circuit, and the tank is empty, then the next check is the start capacitor.

It would have been useful to know the model number.


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Husky air compressor pipe set up

Husky Pro VT631505 AJ

Husky Pro VT631505 AJ

how do i install a permanent airline system for a MN vt631505 AJ

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Oct 02, 2014
Install lines for Husky air compressor
by: Bill

Well friend, if you check out the pages linked from the navigation bar, you'll find lots of them with the information you seek.

I cannot reprint every page here so take a few minutes and read what's already here for your use. How to setup plumbing for a Husky air compressor is covered in detail on this site already.


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Husky DK643500AV compressor motor dead

by john
(escondido, ca)

Husky DK643500AV compressor motor

Husky DK643500AV compressor motor

Husky DK643500AV 5.5hp 26gal

Up until a couple of days ago, compressor worked fine but I noticed that lately it only charged to about 60psi. Then it would not restart after being off for about a day. Light usage through the years (about 10 years old)?

Diagnostics I Tried:

1. Tank drained to zero, even pulled over-pressure plug.

2. Disconnected motor wires from switch and wired them directly to AC. Nothing. Does not make any noise or even indicate that it is getting power. This means that the pressure switch is not the problem.

3. Read about capacitors on your site but could not find any (picture attached). Wires seem to go right into windings. Black cover does not look like it comes off easy (snap on bottom is obscured). However another post says that if caps are fried then it will not start and you will need to pull the motor. Ugh.

4. Checked ohms on motor leads (that is what you see in the picture). It reads as 1 on the meter, meaning it is an open circuit ... as if the motor was not even attached. I sorted the leads to the motor, nothing so no cap charge waiting to surprise me.

5. Motor rotates freely (some resistance) by hand. Linkages all seem to work, fans are in good shape. Hesitant to try to remove motor because copper pipe on bottom is shaped for a specific position and that would be a pain to replace.

6. Saw CHPower.com reference and phone of 800-543-6400 if you all think I need to replace the motor.

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Sep 05, 2014
Nice to know
by: Doug in s.d.ca


Thanks for the update.

Are you keeping the old one or junking it?

Sep 04, 2014
The continuing saga ....
by: John

Thank you Doug!

Well as I dug into it a little deeper ...

1. Ok, it was time to get serious. I got my ohm meter and put a 1K resistor
across the meter leads to verify that the meter was working. It was.

2. Next, I shorted out the motor leads then after separating them, connected the
ohm meter to the motor leads and turned the blades by hand. I could not get any
consistent results.

3. Then I selected the AC setting on the meter and turned the motor by hand.
Again not much change that I could consistently get. I suspect it is because
these motors run at high speed and unless I was willing to kluge up a power
drill to turn the motor, I probobly would not see any significant results.

4. Now I was "in the zone" (which means that this project held my attentions for
at least another 30 minutes). At this point I decided I didn't have anything to
loose so I cut the plastic housing covering the motor windings with a Dremel

5. Lo an behold there was a 30A Fuse in there. Unfortunately, the fuse was fine
and that put me back to ground zero. At least the next guy will know to look
for that. Still no capacitors though.

6. Ok, on to disassembling the the motor/compressor assembly. As I was doing
that I noticed another stock number on the motor housing. the new number was
WL650700AJ which sounded familiar from some of my previous Husky Air Compressor
search results.

7. The stock number at the top of this article (DK643500AV) is the number on the
outside plastic housing that I saw before I started taking everything apart. In
other words, it was the stock number of that particular private label brand /
model / configuration. Many companies do this (Sony comes to mind) when they
make an item for one company (i.e. Best Buy) and slightly change it and sell it
under another label (i.e. CostCo). They do this so that consumers like you and
me have a little more difficult time comparing prices on similar items :-)

8. Anyway, the WL number represented the motor/compressor assembly. I put that
number into the CHPower.com site search and came up with a manual that showed
the entire product and another one that broke the motor/compressor down to the
screw level. The motor alone had a number of WL019100AJ. Now we are getting

9. I went to the ordering parts section of the CHPower site and put number in.
The motor alone without the fans and compressor was going to cost $82.75 plus
shipping and handling. That meant that I would have to take the motor/compressor
further apart, get the new part, hope that I did not loose any parts and
reassemble it. This carried no warranty that it would even work, that the tank,
compressor and fittings were going to last for very much longer.

10. So, you guessed it, I wimped out and decided to stimulate the economy and
the manufacturing sector. I just bought a new one for $200 from my local Home
Depot. The last one lasted about 10 years and that was an acceptable
depreciation rate to me.

11. My intent here was not to bore you with the details but to detail my
methodology for diagnosing the cause. As Doug said above, the patient died in
the end but I sure learned a lot about compressors in the process. The one carry
from this is that there was a FUSE buried in the motor housing!

Sep 03, 2014
"He's dead, Jim." - McCoy
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You might want to have someone double-check your work (new eyes), but sounds like you have the correct diagnosis, John.

My condolences...

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