Senco P 1010 Compressor

I was not familiar with the Senco P 1010 air compressor until the question posted further down the page came into this website.

I have since learned that the focus of this company is fasteners, and they sell staplers, nailers, screw systems along with the air compressors to help run their air tools.

Their products are sold through various retail outlets including Lowes, Home Depot, and other fastening type stores, depending on where you are located.

Senco Air Compressor
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Contact Senco

Senco Brands, Inc.,
4270 Ivy Pointe Blvd.,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
T: 800-543-4596


Download the Senco P 1010 compressor manual here.


What is the duty cycle of this compressor? Thank You.


Good question. I found the compressor on line, and downloaded the manual, which I will put up on this site for others to download, in due course.

I read the manually thoroughly, then read it again. As DIY type manuals go, this Senco PC1010 compressor manual is quite complete, but friend, nowhere does it identify the duty cycle.

Since the compressor is non-lube (lubed for life at the factory) and given its intended use as a compressed air supply for staplers and nailers, I would hazard a guess that it can be perceived as 100% duty cycle, since the method of use results in intermittent cycling as a norm.

However, I am not the manufacturer, and they tell me that if you call this toll free number - 800-543-4596 any business day between 8 and 8, they will provide the support and answers you need. Why not give them a call?

Cheers, Bill


Duty Cycle Information by: Weston

Thank You for your prompt reply. I took your advice and called the company. You are correct the duty cycle is 100%. Thanks Again.