Sears Compressor Parts

When looking for Sears Compressor Parts I became a bit fatigued with trying to use their on-line service ( details shown below) so I called them up.

I talked to a nice fellow named Dexter who assured me that if a caller had the model number of their Sears compressors, the caller could order a manual and parts for that air compressor, going back "10-15 years".

In order to get Sears compressor parts you need to know your Sears compressor model number.

Sears Own Brand

There are pluses and minuses of buying a store's own house brand of air compressor.

The reputable stores normally have good warranties for their compressors, so you can buy with confidence, while the compressor is under warranty, that is.

It is my understanding that the larger stores develop their own brand of compressor, and then every year or so, go out to the manufacturers of air compressors around the world (right now - around the world normally means China) and they order their brand from the least expensive manufacturer that provides the package and price they want.

This means that a Brand X bought from Sears this year, may not have the same manufacturer of the same Brand X bought from them next year.

After not too many years, your compressor, which is now out of warranty, no longer has a source for parts. Unless, according to Dexter, it is an actual Sears brand. Then you have hope.

What To Do?

Once you have determined your Sears compressor model number, phone here:


This number, I am assured, is working 24 / 7 / 365, and you can call it from anywhere in North America. I have checked it out from where I live, so why not call and see if you can get through?

Or, if your air compressor is in the Sears database, you can quite often get information on Sears compressor parts here:

For air compressors, when you put the part number in, don't forget the period! (example: 919.152930)

If the compressor is in the database, some schematics page will open, and clicking the schematic will provide a list of parts, pricing, and availability.

The Next Step

If you are told that your Sears air compressor no longer has parts or manual available, then visit your local Sears store. Ask the clerks in the compressor area who is the local company that...
  • Fixes their compressors under warranty?
  • Fixes their brand of compressors when they are out of warranty?

It may be the same location, but then again, it might not.

Contact those folks with your brand name and model number, and see if they can find your compressor parts or a manual for you.

Ask yourself if it is less expensive for you to have a pro fix an older compressor than it is to buy a new one, complete with warranty, given that the typical DIY air compressor is now often under $200?

Not Sears Brand Compressor

If the compressor is not a Sears store brand, start by searching for the actual brand name compressor on the internet.

Can't find it?

Same story then. Visit your local Sears store, and ask the clerks in the compressor area who is the local company that fixes their compressors under and out of warranty.

Contact them.

I have added a number of pages on this website on which you can post a request as follows:

Good luck!