More Tips on Sizing an Air Compressor

The following is an article contributed on behalf of Scot Industrial Air Company of the UK.

What to consider when you are sizing and buying an air compressor?

Shopping for air compressors requires you to do a fair bit of research if you want to make sure that you get the right piece of equipment for your needs. If you want to put an air compressor in your workshop or if you have been tasked with sourcing one for your firm, this article should be useful.

Types of air compressor

There are numerous types of air compressor which are designed to do different jobs, so you will have to first consider what you need your compressor for. Is it for a one off job or will you need it for various tasks now and in the future? Let's take a look at the different types of air compressor available:
  • Reciprocating compressor
  • Rotary screw compressor
  • Turbocharger
  • Single stage compressor
  • Multi stage compressor
  • Low pressure compressors
  • Medium pressure compressors
  • High pressure compressors
  • Super high pressure compressors
  • Low capacity compressors
  • Medium capacity compressors
  • High capacity compressors
  • Air cooled compressors
  • Water cooled compressors
Air Compressor

What you need to think about

Power source: You have a choice of power sources for your air compressor: electric, gas and diesel. Electric compressors are usually smaller than other compressors and they are generally better for indoor applications.

Size: When you have decided what power source you want you should then consider the size of your compressor. There are various sizes of CompAir compressors for sale. on the market currently and to find the right one for your needs all you need to do is simply use the highest CFM rating of your tools and then increase it by 25 per cent.

Reciprocating or rotary screw: This is your next choice to make. Reciprocating air compressors do use older technology than rotary screw alternatives, but they are usually more portable and perhaps more importantly, they generally cost less money in the first place. This is often a consideration that makes the decision for a workman or company. Having said that, rotary screw air compressors are becoming more affordable all the time.

Other features to consider ...

  • ASME tank
  • Belt driven air compressors
  • Cast iron cylinder or cast iron pump sleeves
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Oil free compressors
  • Vertical VS horizontal compressors
  • V design cylinders
  • Continuous speed operation VS auto start/stop operation
  • Low oil shutdown
These features could all be beneficial to you and your workplace, depending on your particular requirements. It is important to have a long think about your needs and what you require, then you should be able to find the ideal machine at a good price.