SPEEDAIRE COMPRESSOR ~ regulator required

I need to see where I can order a regulator for my speedaire compressor?

Thank you,

Vicki Knies
Hydro Air Systems Inc

Bill says...

While it is comforting to buy an exact replacement for a compressor part from the manufacturer's rep, sometimes it is not necessary.

A regulator is a case in point. You can use any regulator that fits the hole, that has the same pressure range as the one that you are replacing, and is readily available.

If, however, you prefer a Speedaire product, go to the Speedaire page on this site for guidance in finding your local Speedaire / Grainger location.



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Speedaire Compressor Problem

I have a speedaire compressor, I don't know how old it is, but I can leave you the serial # 071091L 530384. The model # is 52644 1 it is a 20 Gal, 3.5 Air compressor and 1 Phase.

The problem that I'm having is, it runs, but it doesn't compress air. What I'm trying to say is it doesn't build up in the tank.

Can you tell me what is could be wrong?
Thank you.

Bill answers...

Hi Marco...thanks for writing in.

When you say your compressor is running, by that, do you mean that the motor is running, or that you can hear the compressor pump running as well? Does the compressor pump get hot?

If the compressor motor is running, and the compressor pump is being driven by the motor (the shaft hasn't uncoupled in some manner) and the compressor pump is working properly, then you are likely pumping air into the tank, but it's getting out somewhere.

Are you sure that the tank drain valve is securely shut? If it's open, just as fast as air is getting into the tank from the compressor running it's leaking out the drain, and with the noise from the compressor, you can't normally hear the leak. Once you've checked that, make sure that there's no air leaking out anywhere else...from the discharge port, for example.

No leaks? Darn, that would have been an easy solution.

Is the compressor sucking in air? On the top of the pump their will be an inlet for air, usually through some sort of plastic housing. That housing should screw out. Do that, and carefully feel near the hole while the compressor is running. Careful! The head will be hot. What you want to do is try to determine if air is getting pulled into the compressor. Or worse, if air is blowing out that intake port.

If air isn't getting pulled in, then it might be the valve inside the head that's causing the problem.

Failing that, then you may have a problem with the innards of the compressor pump. If the seals around the piston are worn to the point they can't stop air bypassing the piston, it's pretty hard for the head to pump air into the tank.

It's pretty hard to figure out just what the problem is from afar.

I hope this helps. Visit the home page and click on the Speedaire link from the Nav bar if you want to find your local Speedaire / Grainger location, and also click on the Repair button to see the listing of repair shops in the hopes that there will be one near you that you can take your compressor to if you feel that the repair is beyond your capability.



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new 2wgx7 speedaire excessive oil out of the crankcase breather

by Gary

I have a new 2wgx7 speedaire pump and in place of the dip stick they supplied a crankcase breather. It spits a lot of oil out. Any idea's? No there is not to much oil in there. Less then 20 hours on pump.

Bill says...

My first thought was overfill and you've already dealt with that, Gary.

Did it always do this, or is the oil issue just starting?

If always, and it's not overfilled, could be a design issue. Could be air bleeding into the sump from a gasket.

Regardless, if design issue or failure, it's still under warranty, and it were me, I'd take it back and get a new one.

If the same thing happens again, take the newer one back to, and buy another model.



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