Puritan Bennett rotary air compressor

by Brian Hanson
(Wickenburg, AZ)

Help locating a Puritan Bennett rotary air compressor.


I am working on a generator project where they -plumb pressurized methane gas into what they say was once a rotary air compressor from an air conditioner. It has a 1/3 hp electric motor connected to the shaft that runs through the compressor. the other end is coupled to a small 110 volt generator. The electric motor is used to start the compressor and is switched off as soon as the methane is under enough pressure to make the compressor turn the generator fast enough to make 110 volts.

I have a picture of it on the online video they sent me. If I could send it to you I would.

The tag on their compressor says: Puritan-Bennett Corp LA CA

Rotary Air compressor
115 volt
1/3 hp
P/N 11000
Amps 3.5
HZ 60
The compressor and motor are both mounted in a pretty heavy casting..

Bill if you know where I could get one of these that would be great or even something a little bigger that could turn a generator that would put out more than 1500 watts and not be much bigger then the Puritan Bennett.

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Oct 21, 2016
compressor search
by: Anonymous

Working on the same project and I am looking for a rotary air compressor by puritan Bennett p/n 11000. Can you help me?

Oct 05, 2016
by: Fred

I am also looking for one for the same project. The plate says p/n 11000 HP 1/5 amps 3.5 cap 10 MFD.

Any help is appreciated. Fred

Sep 26, 2016
Puritan Bennet
by: Bill

No idea about this technology at all, though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puritan_Bennett suggests that their business is legit, in supplying medical compressors etc.

Sep 26, 2016
The gas gen project is a fraud
by: Anonymous

Get your money back ASAP.
The videos are a sham. The demo is clearly a fraud. The microwave use 230 volts and the "alternator" is 110. You can see the hidden cord after the door is opened/closed.

Sep 01, 2016
Request were do I find equipment
by: Gene

Working on same project and want to purchase the air pump

Aug 31, 2016
looking for one also
by: Duke

I looking for the same rotary air compressor.

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