Purchasing an air compressor

by TJ
(New England, USA)

Good Day,

I am in the food manufacturing business, and we are looking to purchase a heat sealer in the very near future. The company has quoted me for an air compressor along with the machine (approx 1200) but I feel that for our needs I can purchase one for cheaper.

Here is the link for the actual machine, which has some basic specs on the air compressor...

Can you please take a look and let me know whether I can purchase an air compressor on the open market for cheaper?


In a word... yes, if they are quoting you $1200 for the compressor.

You, however, need to do your homework to understand why, TJ. The information is here for you free of charge. See all the pages under Selecting Your Air Compressor in the left hand navigation bar to help.

If you want me to select an air compressor for you I will do so, but my time is not free. Contact me through the contact page and we'll discuss details.



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