Puma Air Compressors

Puma air compressors are manufactured in different configurations. They have a direct drive, oilless series made for the home and farm market. They offer a contractor series which are portable, gasoline powered air compressors, some in a wheelbarrow format. The range of Puma air compressors also includes single stage and two stage, belt driven compressors with a storage capacity of up to 80 gallons on a vertical tank, with up to a 15 HP electric motor.

They also offer quite a broad range of Puma air driven tools. That begs the question, do they supply air compressors to support their tool line, or the reverse? We cannot tell. Nor can we tell if the Puma line of air compressors is actually manufactured in North America, if they are assembled here from parts, or if the whole compressor line is manufactured off-shore and simply private labeled as Puma air compressors.

Puma air compressors

The Puma air compressor headquarters is located in Memphis Tennessee.

Puma Air Center
1992 Airways Bl.,
Memphis TN 38114
T: 901-744-7979
E: sales@pumaairusa.com

While it would appear as though Puma air compressors are supported by the head office, we have no experience with attempting to get information from them about problems with the Puma air compressor line.

Therefore, this page is intended to provide a forum for Puma Air Compressor owners. After you have read the existing Puma postings, and reviewed the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page, which offers solutions to compressor problems that are common to many brands, please use the form below to ask a question. Whenever possible, add digital photos of your air compressor problem areas to help others help you more quickly.

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Puma Air Compressor Manuals

While the air compressor manuals offered are quite generic, you can visit the Puma website and download them.

Puma Air Compressor Issues

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Our puma compressor won't start. If we unhook the belt from the motor, then the motor runs fine. I did replace both the capacitors(start & run) …

6 month old Puma just cut off. 
It's only 6 months old....5 HP three cyl single stage 60 gallon. It just stopped last night, appears to have no power. I will check the pressure …

builds to about 60 pounds but goes no further 
My puma 2 gallon compressor will run but will not build pressure over 60 pounds. And it will not cut off.

Can I buy a new puma pump if so where? 
Was leaking Air not building pressure Cummins air compresser puma pump Can I buy a new puma pump if so where? Possibly a diagram to rebuild??? It is …

Puma air compressor keeps shutting off 
Hey bill, I have a 5hp(peak) 2hp(running) puma cast iron,oil liberated air compressor. It runs for a few seconds and iit shuts off or trips the reset switch. …

puma model pk_5020vp pressure and motor problems 
I'm have problem with.my compressor I have it set at 8 and it shuts off like it's at a 3 acting like it's full once I let air out it don't start …

Puma still builds pressure when idled down 
I have a puma air compressor i recently put a new tank on. it builds pressure and idles down like its suppose to but it still builds pressure as its idled …

2004 Puma will not buld up air past 50 psi 
2004 puma motor Midwest products inc cummins industrial tools model pp6060v I took air filter off on right sideit sucks in air and is cool to touch …

Puma PK6560 compressor will not keep up the sander 
The pressure is good when it's been sitting but once you start to use it the pressure drops off and will not keep up the sander. ____________________ …

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