Porter CCPL6025 Trips Breaker at cut off

by Dan
(Music, KY)

I have a Porter Cable CPL6025. It runs fine filling the tank till it reaches cutout, then trips the breaker.

You can drain the tank and reset the breaker. All is good till it reached 120lbs, then.. trips the breaker again.

I've read every post about tripping the breaker and it always involves at startup or filling the tank.

No motor hum no drag. it fills fast and great till cutout.

Why is this one the only one of thousands with this problem?

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Oct 03, 2016
Switch did not solve problem
by: Bill

It's best if a clear understanding of how the compressor works is achieved.

If you haven't, I recommend you read the pages on this site about how the tank check valve works, how the unloader valve works, and how they interact with the pressure switch.

That your compressor unloader valve apparently bleeds air until the tank is empty or the pressure switch trips on cut in indicates a tank check valve problem.

If the tank is empty completely, does the compressor start without blowing the breaker?

Oct 01, 2016
Pressure Switch did not solve problem
by: Terry

The air compressor runs fine and builds pressure to 175 pounds and the pressure switch cuts out just as air starts coming out the small tube in the bottom of the switch that goes back to the tank.

I replaced the pressure switch thinking it was defective expensive replacement the problem still exists

when you try to turn the air compressor back on while the switch is bleeding out the air the motor hums and eventually blows the breaker

if you flicked the switch fast and frequent sometimes it trips the motor into working if you leave the switch on too long it will go again trip the breaker air still continues to bleed out until until it is out of air and in fact resets itself any help in this problem would be appreciated

May 12, 2015
CPL6025 Trips Breaker at cutoff
by: Bill

Nah, you aren't alone, Dan. Lots of compressors have had this problem.

Diagnosing the cause is a bit problematical, depending on your skills.

It could be caused by the pressure switch shorting out when the pressure level in the tank reaches that point. To check - if you can - pull the cover of the pressure switch, empty the tank, and watch inside the switch (careful - live wires) to see what you see when the tank pressure reaches 120. A spark or obvious short would indicate that it's time to replace the pressure switch.

More difficult to diagnose is if there's a short in the windings of the motor, or of another motor component. This type of thing is not usually pressure related... but you never know.

At this point, if this were my compressor and I could get a new pressure switch inexpensively (see the video on this site about my $10 air compressor for tips on that) then I'd start by replacing that and monitor the results.


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