Picking Your
       Air Compressor

On this page I continue talking about the various decisions you have to make when our are picking your air compressor. This is useful information, particularly if you are planning on buying an air compressor for someone else.

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Tank Size

When you go in the store looking for your ideal air compressor, you will see quite a variety of them, in all shapes, colours and sizes.

One thing you will see is that there are quite a variety of tank shapes and sizes. Typically, you will see...

  • longer tank on its side, sometimes with wheels
  • a pancake shaped tank
  • compressors with multiple cylindrical tanks
  • vertically oriented tanks with the compressor on top

If you are looking for a larger, more industrial type air compressor, here is quite a bit more information about compressor air tanks.

What else would you like to know in advance when you set off to the store for the purpose of picking your air compressor?

Compressor Warranty

You want to find out the stores policy on compressor warranty.

What is the warranty of the air compressor you are interested in buying, and what are the steps to be taken when and if you have a warranty repair?

Do they just replace the compressor, or do they get them fixed? How does the compressor get fixed, you deliver or they pick up?

Who Fixes

When your air compressor warranty expires, who will fix it then? Can the store provide a reference? Ask the warranty repair depot if they will continue long term service.

Compressor Parts

No question but there are hundreds of models, and dozens of makes of air compressors on the market.

The task of keeping parts for all these compressors is gigantic, and does the store do it? If not, where will you go to get parts for that brand of air compressor next year, the year after, and maybe five years after they stop selling that particular model.

Haste Makes...A Useless Compressor

As you can see, there are many things to consider when selecting an air compressor.

Give the process a bit of thought, will you? A mistake in purchasing the wrong air compressor can be easily made.