Needs A Compressor Manual

You have a compressor and it needs a compressor manual?

There are so many brands of compressors on the market these days, and that number just seems to keep on proliferating. Which means, of course, that there are a gazillion manuals, one shipped with each of these compressors when they were new.

Compressor Manuals Like Socks?

Just like the washing machine or the dryer eats one of each pair of socks you own, I suspect that some appliance in the house eats the compressor manual.

And then the compressors get older. They sometimes change hands. They end up in garage sales, and bankruptcies and lord knows where. And then, the new owner wants a manual. They cannot find it, of course, because sometime in the past the manual-eating appliance ate it!

Where to get compressor manuals, then? FIRST look on the compressor brand specific pages on this site, linked from the site map under Compressor Manufacturers / Compressor Brand Information. When I have been able to get manuals for that brand, or have found a location where you can get that brands compressor manual, I have posted that information there.

Next, you can navigate to the ASK page on this site, and use the form on that page to request help in getting a manual. You should indicate how someone with a manual can reach you, and for sure, include as much info about your compressor as possible such as the brand, model number and horsepower.

Third, have a look at the list below and contact these folks if you need a manual for these air compressors.

Manuals available here for the following brands:

Mark Shawyer of Quad-State Air Compressor - says :

If you need a manual for any of these air compressors:

  • Saylor Beall
  • Champion
  • Curtis
  • Kaeser
  • IR
  • Rol Air
  • Emglo
  • Puma

You are invited to email: with your request.

Thank you, Mark!