Montgomery Wards Air Compressers model 75-6557C

by Raymond W. King
(21571 Noel Rd. Eckert CO. USA)

How manufactured this air Compressor for Wards.

Is it a Doerr Brand Air Compressor as suggested by some web sights, or am I misreading what I'm seeing.

This little 100 PSI Air Compressor ran the last time I plugged it in. I salvaged it out of a pile of junk in the yard after I moved in. I wanted to know if it would run out of curiosity. It sounded good enough to me to make it worth while to tinker with. But then again some of us Blacksmiths are tinkers by natural causes.

It has a V configuration of two apposing Pistons. It is Missing the half moon air filters on both Pistons, and may be missing a few other parts that retain the half moon filters in place.

Where can I download a Manual on this Air Compressor or find documentation so I know what I am missing,
what grade of Oil does it require in summer and or winter,
rings and other rebuild parts,
Where can I get repair replacement parts / kits

Best of regards
Raymond W. King

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