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< A recent visitor asked a question about Model Maker compressor problem "I was using the compressor, stopped for a while, then turned it back on to finish." The response to the question and a link to the Model Make compressors forum page follows.

The visitor writes "First I apologize if a similar question has been answered already, but I use my compressor for airbrushing and know absolutely NOTHING about machinery, and none of the posts I tried to read made any sense to me.

I forgot to attach the hose to the actual airbrush first and freaked out b/c I thought that might be bad so I turned it off until I could attach the hose. I might have picked it up briefly, I don't remember for sure.

Model Maker air brush air compressor

When I was ready to turn it back on, it wouldn't work. I realized it was humming and vibrating so slightly it was almost unnoticeable, but there's no pressure. It seemed warm so I turned it off and left for a few hours, hoping it was just overheated or something.

When I tried again it 3 hours later it's still doing the same thing

But this time it seemed to get very warm very fast, almost too hot to touch after a few minutes of running it. I don't know if this is important, but I have to use and store it in my garage where it has been quite cold recently. I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me if this sounds like a maintenance issue or a repair or if I somehow broke it?

I responded as follows: From what you are describing, it sounds like either something inside the pump is stopping your compressor motor from being able to rotate or the motor starter itself (if your unit has one) may have cooked from trying to overcome additional load from trying to start the motor when it was too cold.

This is a fractional HP air compressor motor, and it would not take much of a backload to stop the motor shaft from turning. As the motor tries to start against the load, it draws more amps than usual, and starts to overheat.

I do not have a lot to do with 1/8 HP diaphragm air brush air compressors which I think your Model Maker Mini Air Compressor is. So, we would both certainly welcome comments from other Model Maker or other air brush compressor users using the form below.

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