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Kaeser operates world-wide company, providing a broad range of air compressor technology to users around the globe. Kaeser air compressors are typically not considered a DIY type of air compressor manufacturer.

Kaeser has a professional service group and I expect provides the high level of after sales service expected of a compressor company of their caliber.

Kaeser Compressor USA asks that I provide the following information for Kaeser air compressor users. I am pleased to provide it for you. Copy and paste the links into your browser window.

Kaeser Air Compressor

This first link is for Kaeser Compressor call back service:


Users fill out the online form for spare parts, technical advice, or a mechanic, and are then contacted with the help they need.

This next link is for comments and complaints:


Again, it is another short online form where users can tell us about great service or let us know if we have dropped the ball so we can take care of it immediately.

Does everyone qualify for Kaeser air compressors service?

Perhaps not every Kaeser Air Compressors owner may enjoy the same level of service, or may have questions that Kaeser, for one reason or another, do not answer. That is the reason for this Kaeser air compressor forum page. It is is intended to provide an unbiased forum for owner issues relating to their experiences with their Kaeser Air Compressors.

After reading the troubleshooting pages and seeing other visitor's comments and responses below, If you want to post a question about your Kaeser compressor, do so on the form below.

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Kaeser Air Compressor Issues

Having an issue with your Kaeser Air compressor?

Here are other visitor's issues with Kaeser Air Compressors

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Air compressor DSD 200 overheating - change fan settings? 
I have a air compressor DSD 200. I have the cooler clean and the PT100 in good state, but my compressor work to 100C of temperatura. My air compressor …

Critical error on Sigma Control  
Hello , I have a Kaeser compressor mod. CS91 with SIGMA CONTROL and loading the update I get: CRITICAL ERROR Please, you get this error ? Thank you …

Kaeser membrane dryer frequent failure 
Hi every one In my company we are using the below types of Kaeser air compressors: ADS 32 S DSD 171 S BSD 72 S All of them have same problem; …

Kaeser air compressor SX 21 model over heating 
this compressor we are using in our sea port site, we are facing over heating issue all the time can u suggest us from mechanical side and electrical side, …

Kaeser SK26 compressor thumping. 
Bill, We have a Kaeser SK26 compressor. (F.Y.I. We had the air-end replaced last year.) The unit runs fine 24/7 but recently has started "thumping" …

Kaeser Dental Compressor 5T shutting down 
Dear Sir, I have a Kaeser Dental Compressor 5T which supplies oil free air to one of my analytical laboratory instruments. The problem we have concerns …

ADT high and tripping on ESD-442 / 12 bar  
We have ESD-442/ 12 bar sigma2 controller. we are facing troubleshooting on it. Compressor run and 3 to 5 minute, temperature rise to 109 c and tripped. …

Kaeser CS76 Compressor Failed To Unload 
Kaeser Model CS76 Rotary Screw Air Compressor After the oil change of above unit of the air compressor,during re-start up the unit we had the problem …

What is the t2 malfunction light on Kaeser model DS 201 for? 
On the instrument panel of our Kaeser model DS 201 there are malfunction lights. Our compressor will run and pump air for a few hours and then shut down. …

Belts burning on Kaeser Sigma air compressor 
Our plant had a Kaeser Sigma 30hp rotary air compressor which burned up belts Rather than troubleshoot, they just bought a new one. I got the used …

Getting oil in my Kaeser compressor air tank is normal 
I have drained over a quart of oil from my kaeser compressor in the last year or less. Is this a critical leak or normal?? ___________________ I'm not …

Sequencing Kaeser air compressors 
Our facility in Indiana has 5 Kaeser compressors total. We have a 330HP, a 185HP and 3 x 125HP. We're trying to understand the best way to sequence …

Model SX 6 overheating - what to look for 
I bought this unit used about a year ago. It has been working fine (other than burning through several belts)....but suddenly is overheating. It …

Kaeser air compressor overheating and shutting down 
kaeser air compressor overheating shutting off ,is there a specific volume of air that needs to inlet and exhaust. Its installed in a closed room. …

Kaeser Sx6 air compressor excessive belt wear 
Having belt issues with a SX 6. Two sets of belts have be used in about 12 operational hours. The compressors amp load is normal and is producing air. …

Kaeser SM 11 back pressure error 
Hi Carl these are the Picture of the unit im having trouble with

DSD 202 turns off after a short period of time 
gday. i have a Kaeser DSD 202 that turns off about 30 seconds after it is remotely started. also i have a DSDX 302 that i keep getting a back pressure …

Is it common for Kaeser air compressor to blow breaker 
Is it common for industrial air compressors (Champion or Kaeser) to blow a breaker and then single ground? ________________________ Bill says... …

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