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Hi I have brought a second hand smart jet pro, i got it home and set it up, it run for about 20 minits then shut down completly just leaving a light …

Iwata compressor does not start 
Hi Bill, I have an Iwata Smart Jet pro air compressor, about 4years old and recently it has stopped starting up unless I give it a tap then it will …

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I have an Iwata Power Jet plus, a mini compressor where the tank is the handle. When I use it for airbrushing, it gets up to its max pressure that i set, …

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Entry #003 - Iwata Powerjet leak

Question: I have an Iwata Powerjet (about 7/8 years old). It has delevoped a leak on the autostop pressure switch. Having unscrewed it then applied ptf tape to the 1/8" fitting, where it screws into the tank - it appears that the leak is in the encased switch itself. Are the replaceable? Any ideas? Many thanks,

Response: I have yet to find any pressure switch that is worth the effort in time and money to try and track down parts, disassemble and then figure out how to reassemble the switch. I believe, on the low cost air compressors at least, that the pressure switch is a consumable. If your compressor has a reservoir tank, you might see if there is a check valve in the line at the tank, and if so, that might be your problem. And, failing that, if you are going to buy a replacement, then by all means, take the switch apart to see if you can find the leak. It's putting it back together that might be the bigger challenge!

Entry #002 - Iwata Smart Jet moisture trap/air pressure valve not working

Question: I have just unpacked my compressor, set it up and can't adjust the pressure. It says to unscrew the valve at the bottom of the moisture trap to release the pressure, but when I do, nothing happens. No water is released and pressure stays the same. Also, when the valve is unscrewed there is a grinding noise. Could something be misaligned?

Response: If it's new, and it's not working to your satisfaction, then take it back, if you haven't already done so. Of course, if the compressor hasn't started yet, and there is no air in the tank, then you won't be able to adjust the pressure, cause there isn't any! Have a look at the Regulators page for more help.

Entry #001 - Bought used Iwata smart jet pro compressor

Question: "I bought a used Iwata Smart Jet Pro compressor. I really know Nothing about compressors so i'm going to need help!! It looks fine but,it pulsates. I do know that it has to fill the tank then shuts off but the stream of air/paint is affected by the pulsating. 1)How can I fix it 2)How do I adjust the pressure to increas PSI 3) Please help Thank You!"

Response: The Iwata may use a diaphragm or a piston to compress air. Both of these processes create pulsation in the air stream. One way to mediate this is to use a regulator in the line from the compressor, set low enough that the air pressure from the compressor tank never falls below that setting. As pulsations in the tank occur from the compressor running, they are dampened out by the regulator, which then can deliver a steady stream of air to the paint brush. You say you want to dial up the PSI as well. Why? Normally, with an air brush, the requirement is for low flow and low pressure. When you say you need higher PSI, are you really saying that you need higher flow? If that is the case, then you are out of luck. You cannot increase the flow from a compressor that is working optimally. So many HP can only deliver so many CFM. What I think I'm hearing is that your compressor is under performing, and that would suggest the compressor may have a malfunction of sorts. Respond here as a comment with details if you wish to try to nail it down further.