Installing compressors and tank separation

by Bruce Johnson

I am designing a wood shop and I have been doing a lot of reading.

From my reading, it seems as though if you can separate the water from the air before the tank, life would be much better. This would also allow me to move the compress out of the shop, yet keep the tank in a controlled environment.
I have seen this configuration in a diagram in a wood working book
Also in the above referenced book, it recommended a long run of pipe between the compressor and the tank to allow the air to cool down

Now, my questions...
Am I correct in the above thought? I just have not seen any compressors sold sans tank.
If so, Would a refrigerated COMPRESSED AIR DRYER also help? Would I place this as close to the compressor as possible, or after the long run of pipe

All questions you have asked are covered on the pages of this site, Bruce.

See installation, removing water, and review the sitemap page for links to pages that offer the information you wish to have.

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