Husky tank rated at 150 psi but shuts of at 135psi Normal?

PRV and unloader valve on Husky air compressor

PRV and unloader valve on Husky air compressor

I have a 26 gallon 150 psi oil less compressor. The tank builds pressure up to 135 or 130 and shuts of is this normal. Also their is a little lever that pushes a pin down and release the all the air if the compressor is off. also on auto but turns motor back on once it reaches 100 psi is this normal. picture of lever attached just bought it kinda of lost

Howdy... if there's anybody that needs to read the Home Compressor cover to cover, it may be you. :-)

When you say the tank is rated for 150 PSI, do you mean the plate on it says maximum pressure 150 PSI?

The tank pressure has no bearing on the normal cut in and cut out pressure settings of the air compressor.

That yours is cutting in at 100 PSI and cutting back out at 130 PSI is normal.

The unloader valve opens when the compressor stops. If all the air bleeds out of the tank when that happens, that typically means your tank check valve has failed.

Essentially, everything you need to know about your air compressor is on the pages of this site. The eBook simply puts it all in one place.



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Nov 03, 2015
New switch for Husky
by: Bill


Please start a new thread Tony, ask for help identifying the pressure switch to use, and make sure you include the model number of your Husky compressor.

Nov 03, 2015
Need Husky air compresor automatic cut off switch
by: Tony

Hello there,

i do have 20 gallon, 120 psi air compressor but it doesn't have automatic cut off switch you have to press the button to turn it on and off.

is any way i can install a automatic switch on that air compressor?
thank you

Dec 01, 2013
Using maximum pressure 150 PSI?
by: Yozen Hydrographics

the plate on my husky 60 gallon says maximum pressure 150 PSI?

the release valve pops open at 135 PSI or so

would if be safe to replace the pop off with a 150 PSI release valve and adjust the switch to shut off to shut off around the 150 psi mark?

i use it alot to run a sandblasting cabinet and would like to keep it around the 135 PSI range during instead of it kicking back in around 100 PSI range..

thanks, Yozen Hydrographics
If the Husky air compressor is rated for maximum pressure of 150 PSI, then don't go there.

You don't indicate the normal cut out pressure of the compressor, only that the PRV lets go at 135 PSI or so.

That suggests to me that the compressor normal operating pressure range is likely in the 80-120 PSI area?

If you need higher air pressure than that, acquire an air compressor both with a higher operating (not safety - operating) range and, if you are sand blasting with it, probably you'll want one with higher flow as well.

If this were my air compressor, I would not replace the PRV with one of a higher release setting.



Jun 05, 2013
Husky 5hp replacement motor
by: Clyde

I just replaced the compressor motor on a 5hp Husky unit. I used a smaller compressor I had lying around and it works very nicely. The replacement compressor motor is designed to have a maximum cutoff pressure of 60#. Is there a way to set the cutoff pressure on the 5 hp unit down to 60#. I was able to salvage the pressure gauges and quick release from the old unit. There should be a way to adjust the cutoff pressure downward to 60#.
The unit appears to have an adjustable compression spring which cuts off the compressor motor.
Yes, you can modify the cut out pressure setting of compressor pressure switches, provided yours is an adjustable pressure switch. Some are not.

Some pressure switches had one adjustment nut that modifies the cut in and cut out in a range, from 90 PSI cut in and 120 PSI cut out to 70 PSI in and 100 PSI cut out, for example.

Other switches have separate adjustment nuts for cut in and cut out.

Some have two adjustments, one for a range, the other for the start or finish setting within that range.

Some switches are not adjustable.

Use your search engine to see if you can find particulars of your compressor pressure switch, and, also, look under the cover of the switch. Information about adjusting that switch can sometimes be found there.


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13 gallon, 1.7 HP Husky continually runs

by Chris Hardwick
(Collierville tn)

My 13 gallon, 1.7 HP Husky continually runs. I replace the valve on bottom of tank that took care of a leak.

Compressor no cycling off after it reaches desired tank pressure
Chris, if your air compressor runs, builds pressure normally, and then the air pressure in the tank bypasses the normal air compressor cut out setting, and continues to run, almost always, this indicates a failed pressure switch.



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Apr 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank Bill,
Had I explored your site more prior to posting, I would have read that in numerous post from you to others....but it is very much appreciated. Chris
You are most welcome. Enjoy my site. Hope you continue to find it useful.


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Air compressor shuts off at 60 psi

by brian
(denver, co)

I have a Husky 32 gallon, 110v, 1.8 hp, 5.5 hp peak Air compressor. It fills to 60 psi and shuts off and will not turn back on for 20 minutes.

When I drain the pressure, towards the end, it reads 0 psi on the tank guage but pressure is still being released.

The other guage, used to measure the pressure in the hose does not register anything.

I suspect it could be the pressure sensor inside of the tank but this is just somewhat of an educated guess.

Also, this is a fairly new machine. No dust, dirt or any dirty greasy things located anywhere on the machine.

Any suggestions as to whats causing this? The guy I bought it from said he replaced the pressure switch, which is what leads me to assume its the sensor inside the tank.

Bill says...

Hi Brian. Thanks for writing in.

I am a bit puzzled by your compressor specs... "Husky 32 gallon, 110v, 1.8 hp, 5.5 hp peak Air compressor." I don't think your compressor can be both 1.8 HP and 5.5 HP, and I don't believe you can run a 5.5 HP motor from a 120 VAC supply line.

Having said that, I also am a bit confused about the sensor in the tank? To the best of my knowledge, no compressor has a sensor in the tank. The tank pressure is read both by the external gauge, to show us what the tank pressure is, and by the mechanism of the pressure switch, that reacts to the tank pressure, and turns on the motor when the pressure drops to the cut in level, and turns off the motor when the pressure in the tank gets to the cut out pressure level.

You say your compressor... "It fills to 60 psi and shuts off and will not turn back on for 20 minutes." In this 20 minute time frame, are you using any air, or is the air in the tank set at 60 PSI, and then, 20 minutes later, the compressor starts again?

I believe that 60 PSI is too low to be a normal cut in pressure level, and also way to low for the compressor to shut off.

The symptoms suggest to me that it is still the pressure switch that is the problem, either a bum switch, one that's wired incorrectly, or one that has wrong settings.

When you say you drain the pressure, towards the end, it reads 0 psi on the tank gauge but pressure is still being released, how long does this last? Your tank drain may have a small obstruction that slows the air flow near zero pressure, but since the gauge likely has a 0-5 PSI accuracy range, it could show zero and still have some little air draining for a few seconds.



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Dec 20, 2010
Problem/s, solved!
by: Brian

So I was able to spend some time testing different things out with the compressor this weekend.

Turns out, both gauges, the tank gauge and the hose pressure gauge were bad (either not registering pressure, or were leaking).

The main problem, however, was the pressure switch. It wasn't necessarily "bad" but the spring that regulates when the motor cuts out was tampered with. I found some broken plastic where a cylinder once existed to hold a spring in place. I also found washers inside the broken cylinder applying load to the spring, rather sloppily applied with electrical tape.

After testing is several times I found that less washers in the spring cylinder meant less pressure for the machine. I finally loaded the spring with a large washer, nut and a bolt, therefore allowing myself to calibrate the motor to shut off at a given psi (relative to spring pressure).

Of course, this is somewhat of a temporary fix and I'm sure in the future I will just buy a new pressure switch assembly but it was fun trying to figure out what really was causing the problem.



Dec 17, 2010
More info...
by: Brian

Within the 20 minutes it is shut-off I drain the tank. It takes around 7 - 10 min to drain totally and about half-way through the guage reads 0 but there is clearly a considerable amount of pressure left.

Also, right before the motor cuts out there is small amount of bog on the motor.

Could it also perhaps be that this is going up to 100+ psi and the guage reads 60? Thats the only way I can make sense of the 0 reading when there is still pressure left.

I think I misquoted the specs. Its 1.7 running HP with 5.5cfm peak. Sorry about that. The model number is wl66080rrb.


Good thought on the gauges. Why not dump the air, swap the regulator and tank gauges, and fire it up again. See what the gauges say then.

I still think you have debris blocking part of your tank drain opening.

Keep us posted.


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Husky 6 gallon portable - my air pressure does not exceed 30 PSI

by Ron Utley
(Payson, Arizona, USA)

My four year old Husky 6 gallon portable, model H1506F has a high volume leak near the ???unloader valve???. This is where the electrical incoming lines and the gauge's maniford are located. The leak is between the top of this ???relay??? device and the roof of the housing of the compressor.

Is this relay device one assembly or can it be separated for individual replacement parts?
I only removed the compressor housing and started compressor to look for leaks. No other parts were removed.

Sorry that I don't have any pictures to send.
Thank you for any help that you have, Ron utley

Bill says...

Ron, start with going to the Valves Page, and click the link to the Check Valves Page.

From your description, it sounds to me like your check valve may be stuck in an open position, or debris is blocking the operation.

This would be my first step in resolving your compressor problem.



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