Gilbarco Air Compressors

Gilbarco air compressors are no more. At one time the company was known as GILBERT AND BARKER.

Charles Gilbert and John Barker’s partnership was incorporated as the Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co. of Springfield, Massachusetts in 1870, and were heavily involved with gasoline, gasoline and fuel pumping, and fuel dispensing from the get go.

Gilbarco brand air compressors were likely not manufactured by Gilbarco. Gilbarco is now known as: Gilbarco / Veeder-Root. Their website is:

If you have pumped gas at a self-serve station, then you've likely already seen the product that Gilbarco is renowned for, other than air compressors, that is. It's the gas pump itself.

Gilbarco / Veeder-Root's current mission, among other things, is to provide "a state-of-the-art fueling experience ...".

Gilbarco air compressors

If you are the proud owner of a Gilbarco air compressor you are out of luck when it comes to buying OEM parts and getting OEM service. I would expect that many non-OEM parts would fit the Gilbarco air compressor, depending on which part it is that failed.

To help Gilbarco compressor owners, this page is intended to provide a forum for all things relating to Gilbarco Air Compressors to help folks with this brand of air compressor deal with maintenance and parts issues.

Please first read the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page for tips and solutions for general air compressor problems. Then, use one of the many serach boxes to find pages on this site that relate to your Gilbarco compressor problem. Please also read the comments below. If your question about Gilbarco air compressors is not already answered, please post it using the form.

Since Gilbarco air compressors are venerable old beasts, if you have one and resolved issues with it, maybe you can help other Gilbarco users by adding a comment with your experience to a particular question. If your advice includes pictures (up to four) then please start a new thread so you can upload photos, and refer to the post you want the pictures added to, and I'll do the rest.

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1963 gilbarco air compressor not making air 
I own a 1963 gilbarco air compressor I can't get it to build pressure or make air any suggestions

Need an engineering drawing 
Please provide an engineering drawing of the Gilbarco 5HP compressor with a vertical 60 gallon air receiver. I need this information to obtain a permit …

Parts for #cpv1a6 ser.3170 
oil comeing out lines losing air comeing back thru intake filter rapes in motor when you start up looking for parts to fit modle #cpv1a6 ser.3170 rings,rist …

How much is a Gilbarco CPV2C21 worth? 
I recently inherited a Gilbarco model # CPV2C21 Serial # 25788. It also has the numbers Model 310 14, 220330L. It has a WEG motor on it. Model CW-5-18-184T. …

Need rings for Gilbarco compressor 
The poor girl has done an excellent job since 1958 when it was installed in an ESSO station. She ran air tools, tire machine and lift. I bought it in …

What HP motor would it take for this compressor? 1-2 3 or what? 
I have a Gilbarco Green Diamond Model #2341-36010-13G / Ser#46818 Series 0 The compressor has a metal tag on it showing model #A-4 (7) #382649 size …

Is compressor Model No. : B325-ua-10-72 a Gilbarco? 
I am trying to determine the manufacturer of our compressor as the bearings are going out. I think the above is the model no. and the SN 5-79-EM. Is …

Gilbert & Barker 
What kind of pump is on this Gilbert & Barker?

Gilbarco AB11JJA4A0100 Compressor Oil 
We recently purchases a home with a Gilbarco air compressor model #AB11JJA4A0100 and would like to change the oil. Do you know what kind we should use? …

Electrical parts for 2205 81010 13D 
Hello i buy a Gilbarco model 2205 81010 13D but all the electrical wiring and pressure switch are gone. I need to know what pressure and electrical …

Gilbarco air compressor information 
GILBARCO air compressor were made by QUINCY . I serviced them for 50+ years for ESSO / EXXON. I still have a lot of the very old parts manuals. Gilbarco …

Can you get parts for gilbert and barker cpvb3-13a? 
can yor get parts for cpvb3-13a air comperssor it a 1965

Gilbarco pressure switch? 
have Gilbarco green diamond compressor model 1000 have new motor was working fine now doesn't work at all. Motor seems good. Think it might …

motor frame size on 2203-88010-13m 
trying to figure out what frame size for mounting my electric motor is. model number 2203-88010-13m serial number 52069. my compressor did not have a …

Motor size for gilbarco mod.cphx112c1 
what size motor for gilbarco mod.cphx112c1 ser no. 15615 have older gilbarco compressor with no motor need to know what size to buy

Gilbarco CVP3-13 Model A514 
An oldie but a goodie!! Runs my 3 Bay shop no problems!!! Needs some love... Anyone out there know where I can get parts ie seals bearings etc. …

Gilbarco Air Compressor with a OUINCYcompressor will not pump up to desired pressure  
Gilbarco Air Compressor with a OUINCY model # 230-32 compressor The unit will not pump up to desired pressure before the compressor stops compressing. …

looking for CFM info on Gilbarco model # cpv 5-1 compressor  
what would a Gilbarco model # cpv 5-1 compressor push out for CFM. I am looking at buying one from a co-worker but he has no clue what the cfm ratting …

Gilbarco Series 0 
Attach is photo of a Gilbarco Series 0 Model 2154 60010-13M Serial 49205 purchased new circa 1960-70. Can anyone identify the manufacturer of the …

Gas Station air regulator parts Gilbarco 
Hello I have a Gilbarco air regulator Model AM31-1 Serial number R8-13 it is Gilbarco Ontario Canada looking for parts to restore this is the model found …

What oil for Gilbarco 2205-80550-13M compressor 
I recently purchased a used Gilbarco, series "O", model 2205-80550-13M. Can you advise if this requires any special oil, or will any compressor oil work? …

Gilbarco O series 2306-80570 
Hello Bill...I acquired a Gilbarco 80 gal.-220 volt single stage "MAN" about 15yrs. ago from a closing service station. It is a series "O" model # …

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