Gasoline Powered Air Compressor Issues

This page is a forum for folks that own and operate a gasoline powered air compressor. It addresses issues with air compressors that are powered by other than electric motors.

I have often said in the various postings over the years that I do not now use, nor have I ever used, any air compressor powered by other than an electric motor. As a result my contributions to postings on this subject will be limited by that lack of experience, at least as it pertains to the motor side of the air compressor. I am happy to chime in when a problem is related to the pump side of a gasoline powered air compressor, if I can help.

There is a forum on this site already to do with Tow Behind Air Compressors. I know these are not electrically powered either, but tow behinds may have some unique issues users may experience which may not necessarily have to do with gasoline powered air compressors.

will leave the forum for tow behind air compressors in place and add this one specifically for gasoline powered air compressors.

If your are asking a question about your gasoline powered air compressor, unless you upload photos, folks that may want to help cannot do so as they cannot see the compressor or the problem area.

Photos always help. With a new comment you can include up to four photos of your air compressor, so do, please, include photos so that all visitors can better understand what may be behind your gasoline powered air compressor problem and offer suggestions to help you solve your compressor problem.

Before you fill out the form with your question, why not scan the questions and answers below the form? You may find your question has been answered already.



Gasoline Powered Air Compressor Issues

Having an issue with your Gasoline Powered Air Compressor?

Here are other visitor's issues with gas powered air compressors.

Please have a look at the previous entries below. You may find a solution to your problem already posted.

black max gas compresser won't keep running 
black max gas air compresser. Starts fine runs for about 10 to 25 seconds. stops. Will not keep running. Has fresh fuel and carburetor cleaned???? …

Petrol engined 150L compressor engine cutting out while trying to load vessel 
My compressor has a Rednal 150L pressure vessel, Kohler command pro 6 6HP petrol engine and I believe it's an FS Curtis D-4 pump. The petrol engine …

Compressor engine won't start.  
Compressor would not start, until we noticed there was a little oil not showing in the sightglass on the compressor side. The compressor fired up right …

Compressor has bad belt slap  
I built a Devilbiss 445 with parts i had laying around. The tank is a 200 gal. Devilbiss with a right and left compressor pad, prob. set up for center …

9 gal 135 psi Wheelbarrow Compressor Will Not Start 
I have a gas powered 9 gal 135 psi wheel borrow air compressor that will not start that has not been started in a while. I have changed out the spark plug. …

Can't start engine if air pressure in tank 
can't start engine if air pressure in tank. changed unloader and check valve and still won't start I found that the check valve on my unloader was …

John Deere air compressor PRV won't hold 
Hello, I have a small John Deere portable gas air compressor. It should be reaching about 100psi but the PRV opens up at about 70. I installed …

Can't even pull the start cord on compressor  
the compressor wont start it wont even let me pull the pull start it leaks water REALLY bad there is a fuel leak

Pilot unloader valves 
I have a pilot unloader valve with a port to attach a throttle kick-down when the compressor unloads. My engine is a "fixed governor" type engine and …

compressor engine does not stay running 
motor starts and runs for about 10 seconds, then shuts down.. new carb and gaskets, fresh fuel and new plug

gas compressor will not build air in the tank 
I have replace the unloader valve. I just replaced the valve plate and head. Starts and runs but no air going into the tank. I pulled the line from the …

5.5 Honda model- no pressure in tank. 
Air blowing out of intake and pressure in tank stops building up after about 10-15 psi. What's the fix?

unloader valve scfm rating for gas powered air compressor 
Hi, I have 2 questions 1) I have a gas compressor that has a 6.8 and 8.5 cfm rating I have found several unloader valves on line but none of them …

Having a problem using a Honda 5.5 compressor 
I have a Honda 5.5 that starts and runs great but wen you kill it will not start back for a long time what can it be.??????

gas air compressor wont start gets gas ,gets spark 
gas powered air comp. wont start. It is getting spark and gas, but wont start.

Gas compressor exhaust valve leakage 
In restoring a General Supply & Leasing gas powered air compressor we are experiencing severe exhaust valve leakage to the extent that the machine never …

gas powered air compressor won't idle down 
After the compressor builds pressure the gas motor is shut off by the govenor. ____________________ CAS, call it the governor, call it the throttle …

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