Davey Air Compressors

Davey air compressors have been around in one form or another since the 1920's. The original Davey vane type compressor was designed and built by Paul Davey Sr., to fulfill the need of a lightweight portable air compressor for their tree cutting business.

Davey air compressors were among the first to use aluminum in the manufacture of their products to help reduce weight, making their compressors even more portable, since many of the Davey air compressors are portable, tow-behind devices.

During and after the second world war, Davey products were a major supplier to the U.S. air force, and in the late 1940's all of their compressors were sold to the military.

Davey air compressors

Since then, Davey compressors have been owned by Alco Standard, Razete Bros., Fuller Company and then became Fuller-Davey Compressors. In 1998 Davey Compressor was sold to Jenny Products, Inc., whom are the owners today. Jenny Products is well known for their "Steam Jenny" steam washers.

Still, for more than 75 years, Davey rotary vane air compressors have been successfully used by clients throughout the U.S.

If you are seeking information about Davey air compressors, the first logical source is here: http://www.daveycompressor.com. There you will find lots of information, including user manuals, on all their current models. I suspect they will be able to help with older models as well.

I have created this page as a forum for Davey Compressor owners to share their problems and solutions too. Please feel free to post a question about Davey compressors using the form below. Only postings related to Davey can be posted here. If you can offer assistance on any Davey issue, please add a comment. As I acquire manuals I will add them below.



Davey air compressors manuals

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Davey 250 RPD manual

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