Compressor room location on upper floors.


Can the compressor room be located on floors other than ground floor like on terrace or first floor?

If yes, how can the compressors be taken to first floor/terrace during initial installation and also how can it be brought down during future maintenance?

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Apr 08, 2016
by: Doug in

You can put a compressor anywhere it's convenient, and the structure or whatever is strong enough to hold it.

If the machine is too large to either carry or fit through doors, then typically you'd make a hole in the wall big enough for it, and use a crane to raise it.

As to maintenance, mostly it would be done in place.
If that's not possible, then you use a crane again.

Good luck.

Apr 08, 2016
Compressor installation
by: Bill

Sure. You can install an air compressor anywhere you wish.

If it's a small portable air compressor, you carry it to the elevator or up the stairs.

If it's an industrial larger compressor you need to first ensure that the floor where the compressor will be installed has the load carrying capacity.

As to how you get a compressor to other than the ground floor level, that would depend entirely on the compressor in question.

Not enough information is provided to help any further, sorry.

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