Compressor PRV Valve Opens

It can be a bit startling when a compressor PRV valve opens. The PRV is, of course, the pressure relief valve, and if it opens during compressor operation, that points to a compressor problem developing.

For folks that are not quite sure about what a PRV is and does here's info about compressor PRV's on this site.

It is one thing when your compressor runs, will not stop, and will not build compressed air pressure. It's an entirely different matter when the compressor runs, and runs, does not stop, is building compressed air pressure all the while, and eventually pops the pressure relief valve to vent too-high pressure.

This is a dangerous situation and needs to be remedied immediately.

Compressor PRV Valve Opens - Drawing of PRV valve

If the compressor PRV valve opens at a pressure level below the normal cut out of the compressor, that suggests that it is the PRV valve itself that is the problem. A good cleaning may resolve this, or, it may be necessary to replace it.

Compressor PRV Valve Opens

If the compressor PRV valve opens at a pressure level that is higher than the normal cut out pressure level of the air compressor, that points to the pressure switch being the problem, as the pressure switch is supposed to cut power to the compressor motor when the pressure in the tank reaches the switch cut out set point.

To check it, use a multi-meter to determine if the power is still flowing past the pressure switch when the tank pressure is 5-10 PSI higher than the cut out set point of the switch. Care must be taken when checking as you are dealing with live wires. If power is still flowing through the switch with the pressure higher than the normal cut out, likely the switch has failed.

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Some of the reasons why your compressor PRV valve opens.

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