Compressor for air operated diaphram pumps

by Curt

I'm looking into using air diaphram pumps for pumping sludge at a wastewater treatment plant due to the high maint costs we currently have.

Air pumps are simple, reliable, can run dry, are easy to repair, and they're adjustable to get whatever flow rates you need.

The pumps I'm looking at are 3" ARO pumps, with a max flow of 275 gpm, max air flow of 185 gpm, max pressure at 120 psi. I'm not 100% on these particular pumps, but for the sake of looking at compressors, these are the pumping ranges I would need.

In looking over air compressors, there are LOTS of options, in fact so many that it's confusing. There's single stage vs 2 stage, oiless, horizontal or vertical, just not sure what it all means. Any help would be appreciated.
The best advice I can provide is to ask you to re-read the page on Sizing your air compressor, Curt. Then, look at the page on buying an air compressor.

I have tried to cover all the bases on those pages... the things you want to take into consideration when making a compressor buying decision.

If you want me to review and make a recommendation, then I'll do that, and that isn't free. If you want that service go here:

Use the form to send me your phone and email info, and I'll be in touch with details.



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