Compressor Blows Breaker

Your compressor blows breaker or fuse? Is it a compressor electrical issue? Here is where you can ask or find out!

I have a healthy respect for electricity. I know that if I am well grounded 120 VAC can kill me. I also know that 220 VAC will finish me quite quickly if I am not very careful.

Folks, if you are working on the electrical part of your air compressor, don't take any risks. Make sure that the power supply is off!

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Ask What to do when your Compressor Blows Breaker

Got a problem with your air compressor blowing a breaker or burning a fuse?

Some of the reasons why your compressor blows breakers or fuses.

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Compressor blows breaker at 75 psi 
I have a Campbell hausfeld 26 gallon compressor and the pump seized due to no oil. (My bad) I found a replacement pump made by Campbell but the cfm …

Breaker has blown several times - will not reset 
I have a central pneumatic compressor with a 25 gal tank. It blew the breaker several times and now there is no resistance on the breaker button and it …

Compressor blowing my circuit breaker in my house 
i start my compressor up it runs but in about three minutes it trips my circuit breaker in my house.

Compressor blows breakers when warmed up with air in tank 
Hello! First time posting, appreciate any help. I have a DeVilbiss PRFB5520VP-WK 20 gallon 5.5 hp oil-free compressor. I bought it on Craigslist, …

Compressor pulls near 200 amps then trips circuit breaker 
I have a 120 gallon speedaire air compressor model #5Z405D that is powered by a leeson 10hp single phase 220v farm duty motor. It will run for a few seconds …

Trying to restart 106.175541 
Trying to restart near new compressor that has stayed in clean garage. Hi, I am trying to restart a Sears Tank Compressor that I haven't used since …

919.167312 Breaker Blows 
I have a Craftsman 30 gal compressor, model 919.167312 - which I've had for several years, and had good service - until recently. Usually the breaker …

Air-Force AF14/150S keeps tripping breaker 
Hi there my Air -Force AF14/150S keeps tripping braker on the unit at about 2 bar from start then reset and same happens again and continuously until it …

Industrial Series Gold C1523E80V compresser trips breaker. 
Industrial Series Gold C1523E80V. Switched the Baldor M3218T 3 phase motor to a Baldor L1410T Single phase, called Baldor and they advised me this …

Common tripping breaker fix. 
Electrical tidbit here. Not sure where to post this and I didn't see it listed. If your breaker trips shortly after the motor kicks in you might want to …

Emerson pancake compressor blows breaker 
Emerson pancake compressor fills up I plug it in. When I use up the air a little the motor will try to recompress but bogs down and trips the breaker. …

919-165300 trips the breaker 
I have a Sears model no 919-165300 as soon as I turn the switch on it try's to run for a split second and then it trips the breaker

Compressor trips thermal switch and wont start 
I have a cheap 15A direct drive HF compressor that won't start and trips the thermal switch but not the breaker. It will start from empty every time but …

compressor draws 43 amps and trips breaker 
can spin by hand. No mechanical binding or resistance. Capacitor centrifical starting switch OK. ?????why such a high amp draw ?

Nail gun and compressor won't work 
Roofer called and said his nail gun and compressor won't work - must have tripped the circuit or something. They are using compressors and nail guns - …

ampro PA2000 4 hp compressor tripping out 
never a problem in the past, lately, and not at any one specific pressure, motor sounds to be slowing, compressor trips on thermal overload and or breaker …

sil eol 24-50 compressor no power, tripping out power 
hi, its a mgf sil eol 24-50 compressor at my work which I can have for free to put in my man cave, but its just tripping out the wall socket, a co-worker …

air king air compressor runs continous blows limit switch 
bought used air king compressor. works fine-runs continous blows limit switch. is this normal for continous run compressors?

115 VAC compressor motor blows fuses 
I just purchase a new Campbell WL371500AJ compressor motor to replace an obsolete one. It runs on 115 volts only and works fine when using it closed to …

Air compressor blowing breaker due to low amperage 
M Magenctek Century AC motor Industrial Class B Volts 120/240 Amps 15.0/7.5 Hz 60 HP SPL???? RPM 3450 Class B Air compressor Switch Condor …

sip 200 litre compressor blows reset before tank is full  
sip 200litre 1 phase (red colour)compressor 3hp i have replaced reset button,capacitor and pressure switch. however this occur irregularly and is annoying …

Blows breaker only when starting with partia pressure in tank. 
Starts fine with empty tank. It kind of chugs a little like starting your truck in second gear then pops breaker if any pressure in tank. I have disconnected …

Compressor runs for about 5 seconds and blows the breaker 
could this be caused by the running capacitor? ___________________ Mike, you are not giving us much to go on. Are you running your compressor motor …

air king rotary compressor blowing breakers 
air king RO 5 rotair blowing breakers

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Air Boss Compressor Built in Breaker Keeps Blowing 
Hi Bill, I have an Air Boss Compressor. I have had it for 15 years and it has never failed me. Recently, it has started to pop the built in circuit …

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