Clarke Air Compressors

Clarke air compressors are supplied by Clarke Power Products UK through a chain of distributors.

Along with a limited range of air compressors, they also sell a broad range of other industrial equipment, equipment such as air tools and accessories, automotive products, electrical equipment, garage supplies, and many other products.

Further information about the Clarke range of products is availalbe at their website, .

Clarke Air Compressors Contact Info

Clarke International
Shrubland Road
Main Telephone Number: 020 8988 7400 (24 hour Voicemail service outside business hours)
Fax Number (all Departments) 020 8558 3622

Clarke air compressor

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Clarke Air Compressor Manuals

  1. All Clarke Air Compressor manuals available here.

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Muffler for a Clarke Champ Air model AC 2001B? 
What is the part number for a muffler on a Clarke Champ Air model AC 2001B?

Parts for Clarke AC 2003 
Hi there, I am looking for buying parts for my air compressor. It is a Clarke Portable Air Compressor Model AC 2003 and the part numbers are: connecting …

Clarke Boxer recharging too early 
I recently upgraded my clarke 50 ltr compressor to one three times the size as i was getting cheesed of with having to wait for the old compressor to recharge …

Clarke Air Compressor # AC 2000 fan is in pieces 
Clarke Air Compressor model # AC 2000 manufacturing date 01/2003. I've had this Clarke air compressor for over 10 yrs. with no issues, until now. It's …

Clarke se16c blowing fuse  
i have a Clarke se16c 3hp 150 litre compressor when I switch it on it takes a large surge of power, tries to start, but blows the fuse. I have changed …

NPT sizes for AC2003 Clarke? 
Whats NPT size of a) air filter and b) oil breather cap of AC2003 Clarke? Both are missing on refurbished unit, although a plastic cap has been pressed …

Clarke Air Compressor Piston Broke 
My six gallon Clarke Air Compressor piston broke. Clarke won't ship parts. Is there any US made parts that resemble the Clarke Bronco 6 gallon …

Clarke Rebel tripping breaker 
I have the clarke rebel 60 110v . My problem is that the compressor starts and runs for 30 seconds and the breaker trips. After another 30 seconds …

Clarke AC2000B 2hp missing valve pin? 
Compressor takes long time to build pressure. Took head off and cylinder looks fine, but the check valve was laying loose over the piston hole. It looks …

Regulator knob failed on Clarke AC 2000 2 HP Ser # 0002133 Flow rate 7.75 C.F.M. 
Hi Bill. As you can see I have a small Clarke Air compressor (Clarke AC 2000 2 HP Ser # 0002133 Flow rate 7.75 C.F.M.) that has a pressure regulator …

Ahhh 20/9 unloader valve problem 
Hi I have a shhh 20/9 compressor and there seems to be a problem with the brass tube located under the main switch I am unsure of the name of the part …

twin engine compressor starting and stopping 
hi ive had this compressor and its been fine but recently its has started to sound like the engines are starting and stopping whilst running and now the …

Clarke compresser regulator problem 
I have Pressure indicated on the tank gauge. I have pressure indicated on the regulator gauge. I have NO FLOW of air through the regulator but can …

Clarke compressor won't stop burning belts 
Clarke air se26c200 10.3 bar 3 phase compressor, this unit runs till tank is full and the cast wheel won't turn then motor melts the belt, I've fitted …

Brand new Clark boxer 200L leaking oil 
Its a day old . Noticed a dribble of oil running down vessel. Left it for 30 mins, Checked oil but all was ok so started using it and noticed a smell …

Boxer start when reservoir partially full 
The Boxer 10 bar, 3 HP single phase is stretching the limit for running on domestic power supply. 3HP demands 2 1/4 Kw which is more than the heaviest …

Clarke AC2001B will not automatically restart 
My Clarke AC2001B will not automatically restart/refill once air pressure drops. It must be manually restarted. The unit comes up to pressure fine, …

Rebel Clarke AC2003B doesn't stop running 
Rebel Clarke AC2003B runs... fills tank but does not stop running tank holds pressure fine

model ac2003 has air coming out the air intake 
Clarke portable air compressor model ac2003 air coming out the air intake and the compressor will not build pressure and runs continually with no pressure …

What oil to use in a Clark AC2003 
Please advise as to what oil to use in a Clark AC2003 1 1/2gal. air compressor.

Pressure air leaking from start switch? 
Hi, I have a year old Clarke Air compressor that has just started to leak air from the black plastic "box" that covers the start switch. The compressor …

SE29D270ND will not switch on 
My Compressor will not switch on and I need an electrical diagram in order to fault find. Anyone have one? Regards, Richard.

need part for model AC 2003 air compressor 
Need regulator for model AC 2003 portable air compressor.

High pressure build up in crankcase 
high pressure building up in crankcase of my clark rebel 50 air compressor

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Clarke Rebel Air 50 - no life :-( 
I have Clarke Rebel Air 50 that has recently been sluggish to start. Now there is no attempt to start and just sit there. Could the sluggish behaviour …

PED 8AS parts list  
I have a old clark electric 240v compressor model # PED 8AS and i need a new con rod and other spares as it has had a seizeure and mashed the con rod and …

Clarke Rebel Air compressor will not run 
CLARKE Model# AC2003B Rebel Air compressor purchased in 2009, never used still in original box. I Added oil, and attached the oil breather cap, Air …

Looking for run capacitor for model # AC2001A E232158 25/70/21 C 
Looking for running copasitor for model # AC2001A E232158 25/70/21 C capasitor went bad 120 micr f +/- 5% sh

Clarke air compressor sounds funny 
Hi having no Knowledge of compressor I thought I'd ask the people that will know. It's a big compressor 150 - 200 litres I have been told it's …

Clarke air compressor sometimes will not start 
Hi, I have a clarke air industrial 150l piston compressor thats about a year and a half old, its worked perfectly untill today. We noticed earlier …

clarke champ ac2001b motor runs tank does not fill 
this compressor has always run. suddenly the motor runs but tank wont fill. your ideas please. it is a clarke champ, 2hp, 4 gallon tank, model ac2001b. …

Looking for info on a clarke air industrial peh 11c50 
Hi, I recently bought this model compressor and can't find a manual or spec for it. Can you help?? My email is Thanks Rick …

clarke se series smoke coming from one of the oil dipstick 
Hi I have a clarke se series 270 ltr air compressor that is making a loud noise sounds like a chain going round instead of belt and have smoke coming from …

clarke air compressor 20 lbs max pressure 
I have a small clarke air compressor. It will pump up to 20 lbs of pressure and continue running but won't go over 20 lbs. If I shut off the compressor …

My # AC2001B air compressor intake valve cracked I need a replacement 
Model # AC2001B 2 HP 4 Gallon The u shaped valve cracked where it is screwed down. Can I get a replacement and gasket. The rest of the compressor still …

Clarke compressor SE16C only get to 4 bar 
I have a newish Clarke se16c 150 which worked fine until the other day. Now it only gets up to 4 bar pressure and won't go any further. Obviously the …

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