Champion Air Compressors

There is line of Champion branded reciprocating air compressors sold in North America by Gardner Denver. These products are sold and serviced throughout North America by authorized distributors.

The head office for this brand of Champion air compressors is:

1800 Gardner Expressway
Quincy, IL 62305
United Kingdom
Tel: 866-276-3440

Champion air compressor pump

There is a another line of reciprocating and rotary screw compressors of the Champion brand offered by Sullair - Australia. They are manufactured in, and sold by, more than twenty distributors and branch locations throughout Australia to provide sales and after-sales support to customers.

They do state that their rotary screw compressors are made in Australia, but I was not able to definitely determine if their recip compressors were too. I have a sneaking suspicion (I hope I'm wrong) that their recips come from the orient, but I am not sure.

The head office for this brand of Champion air compressors is:

Champion Sullair Compressors
Head Office
324-332 Frankston-Dandenong Rd
Dandenong VIC 3175
Tel: 1300 COMPRESSOR (1300 266 773

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Champion Air Compressor Manuals

I do not have any manuals uploaded as yet (since I haven't been sent any by any kind Champion compressor owner) for the Australian Champion products. Their website does not offer a manual download.

Champion - Gardner Denver air compressor manuals can be purchased at

Champion Air Compressor Issues

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I can turn it manually for about a turn either direction and then it freezes. Any ideas where to start? Thanks, Marc

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Vr5-8 has air coming out the release valve 
Compressor run and air coming out the release valve what is wrong

Leaky pilot valve and rough engine operation 
Have a Champion R15B pump with a 11hp Kohler gas engine . Compressor builds pressure fine and reaches cutoff at 175psi but then air leaks out pilot valve …

R30D unload air out of the Governor housing 
We recently rebuilt the top end of the cylinder valves and the compressor was working properly. After a week the compressor started to unload air out of …

Champion gas compressor blows air out the unloader muffler 
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Champion R15 stops at 30PSI no matter what 
I recently received a free Champion pump from a friend. His father had it out in the weather and never maintained it. I brought it to my house, miraculously, …

Champion R15B Centrifugal Unloader Valve Won't Close 
I've posted this on a few forums and so far I haven't been able to get any help at all. I'm hoping I've finally come to the right spot! I have an …

Champion R15 scratches in piston cylinder and oil pumping into filter 
The valves came out of my Champion R15B easily after removing the outer crush seals. But now I wonder about the vertical linear scratches in the 2nd stage …

champion r30d prv keeps popping 
the prv keeps popping on the high side before the compressor get up to pressure

Reverse rotation on a VR7F-8 motor, C15 keeps tripping out 
VR7F-8 compressor 7.5hp 80 Gallon single phase Just bought a used compressor and at start up in rotates in the wrong direction. I tried reversing the …

Champion pl70 keeps building air past cut off point 
i have a champion pl70 air compressor that keeps building air past cut off point new valves all the way around completely re done. air compressor …

Information about a Champion Compressor 1985 
Hi my name Ross and as you can see from the photos, that I have a 1985 compressor made by champion. I am try to source a manual for this model. I …

What's open fitting for on Champion PL- 15A? 
Can anyone tell me where the fitting circled in red is to go to? Auto drain? Pressure switch? Thanks

Need Help Plumbing a Champion 5 hp 
Hey Bill, Don't know if you have the time but I need some help plumbing a compressor I'm in the process of building. I pick-up a good Speedaire …

Interstage PRV pops off on Champion compressor 
Bill, I have a older Champion 2 stage 175psi max 80 gallon air compressor. On start up the pressure will build to about 50 psi and then the relief …

Champion compressor runs only when you hold the RESET button 
Hi, I have a Champion compressor advantage series. All of the sudden the compressor will not start, It was found that they did not drain for a while. …

Install air lines to champion SE-14-15R? 
How do I install air lines to the air compressor 1970 champion SE-14-15R? I need to connect air lines to 1970 champion air compressor, do you have information …

Unloader valve problem on Champion HR air compressor 
Replaced the 3 phase motor on a Champion HR3-8 with a single phase motor. All the wires were disconnected when I got it. It starts and runs fine. However, …

Old champion air compressor bleeds out air 
Hi Bill, what I mean by air bleeding is that as soon as it hits 150psi and kicks off, it goes PSSHHHHH and air shoots out a small screened fitting pointing …

Champion R15 compressor pumping slowly 
I have recently mounted a used Champion R15B compressor to an 80 gallon tank. It has a 16.5 inch flywheel and is attached to a 5 HP 220 Volt motor spinning …

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Info on Champion 5HP 3-phase 
I got this air compressor when I rented the bldg. Owner said it has an oil leak, so they disconnected it. Serial number on the pump is R0028331. Marking …

Champion R15 leaking slowly from unloader muffler assembly 
I just had new bearings and a stationary switch installed in my 3 HP Dayton motor (1825 rpm) that drives the R15 pump, marked 3Z180 by Speedaire. …

Looking for Champion Air Compressor Decals 
I am trying to locate images of the varied Champion Pneumatic Machinery Company decals produced over the years the Company has been in business. I …

Why won't air compressor motor turn with belts on? 
champion 80 g 5 hp air compressor it has a rebuilt motor when i turn on it tries to turn but barely then it will trip the reset button on side of motor …

Used 1998 Champion compressor builds slowly 
I recently bought a used 1998 champion 80 gal. 5hp compressor. it has an R15 air pump. It takes just under 15 mins to build 155psi. it doesn't recover …

Champion compressor kicks off at 175 
my champion air compressor kicks off at 175 then starts to go up in pressor other then that it works _________________ Sorry John, I'm not getting it. …

Champion R40 pump sometimes blows breaker 
Have a R40 champion pump with head unloaders. Once pilot valve reaches 175 the unit unloads as it should. After 15-20 minutes on running unloaded pressure …

Pump knocking on Champion compressor RE7FR 
Have a old Champion air compressor with RE7FR pump that was handed down to me from my uncle. It hadn't been used in along time. Found out why, rod knocking …

Motor replacement for Champion compressor 
I bought 2 used compressors. They both have 3z180c champion compressors. The problem is that they have 3 phaze motors. What motor do you recomend for these …

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