Central Pneumatic 67501 will not restart under pressure?

by hrg
(Lafayette, LA)

CP Model No. 67501; 2 HP will not restart under pressure

The compressor builds to 125+/- PSI as it should, but when out flow falls to about 60 PSI, and the compressor attempts to start making up, it cuts off (even when safety switch or button is reset or pressed, it just kicks off again) ..;

If I manually fully drain the tank .. and I restart, it fully builds to 125 again ...? Why won't it maintain pressure on its own ..? Please advise ..; Thanks ..;
HRG, am I correct in understanding that the pressure gets to normal cut out, and then you use air, and the pressure in the tank drops to normal cut in pressure (is that the 60 PSI you refer to) it tries to start and cannot?

That is not an usual problem with air compressors.

Please, once again, drain the tank, close the drain, start the compressor, and monitor the operation of the compressors unloader valve when the compressor reaches cut out pressure and stops.

If not sure what the compressor unloader valve is or what it does, please see the unloader valve page linked from the site map.

If it is not the unloader valve causing the problem, then the next thing I would suspect would be the start capacitor.

If you have more questions, please post them as a comment here so I can follow the thread.



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