Brute compressor hums then pops the reset button

by Dwayne
(Crowley, La.)


I have a Brute Air Compressor. It has had a problem for a while. When I start my compressor with air in the tank, it pops the reset. I can drain the tank down to almost empty then it would start. Now it will not start at all.

I just replaced the Pressure Switch. This did not help. When I turn the switch on it humms but will not start the motor, and it still pops the restart switch.

My next plan was to replace the Capacitor and/or the Reset Switch. Any thoughts on this plan?

Dwayne, if the tank will not start when the tank is completely empty, and you have power flowing to, and through, the pressure switch to the motor circuit as you say your compressor does, then the next thing I would check would be the start capacitor.

See the page on this site about testing it.

I would not replace the reset button it were my compressor.



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