Brunner Air Compressors

As I'm writing this page about Brunner air compressors, I can't help but wonder what the Brunner Air Compressor Corp., established in 1963 in New York State, and gone bankrupt in May 1966, has to do with the Brunner air compressors that have been in use in North America since when, the late 1910's or thereabouts?

Probably little. I could not find a connection.

Questions about Brunner air compressors still ricochet around the internet, some landing on This forum page is here to help those with Brunner air compressors find information that may not be available elsewhere.

In my research about this brand, I discovered a photo of this beauty, a restored 1951 Brunner.

Brunner air compressors

If you wish to see more photos of the restore, visit:

Brunner air compressors

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Brunner compressor information:


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Remove Brunner flywheel?  
How do you remove flywheel. 1 1/2 shaft. Built in 1979. And are there replacement flywheels available?

Valve discs for Brunner A 500 air pollutant mp 
I’m looking for valve discs for my Brunner A500 are the 2 discs available or head overhaul kits? Thanks for any help.

Brunnermetic Compressor Start Capacitor 
Hello All, I have a Brunnermatic air compressor (See attached photos) that I am trying to get running. I believe that the start capacitor is faulty …

Brunner H09 V4 PARTS 
Does anyone know where I might find parts for a Brunner H9 V4 compressor? I got new reed plates/ {valve plates} and rings about 30 yrs. ago in West Chester …

Oil refilling for Brunner? 
just picked up a Brunner compressor, I am wondering how to top up the oil when needed?

Trying to find information on this Brunner compressor 
I just want to find out if parts are available for a brunner air compressor that was build in 1976 ,has 4.500 , 2.500 bores 4.00 stroke rod size is 1.372-1.3725 …

Drawing of discharge valves A320 type F compressor? 
Where can I find an assembly drawing of the upper or rather discharge valves? I'm rebuilding this compressor and have everything done except these valves. …

Brunner & Brunner 1927 outlet valves 
I have Brunner & Brunner Utica USA. The out let valve is been damaged. How can i get the valves set?

info on Brunner model AWx100FC 
Someone please post if they have any information on a Brunner model AWx100FC (might be FG) Type G, Comp. model R650... It runs great to this day but …

Brunnermetic Model GA89 
Supposed the kind used in dental offices. Oil compressor. Works but needs a relay switch.

Trying to ID Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings 
I bought this compressor at an auction about fifteen years ago, mounted it on a 40 gallon tank, added a 1/2 HP 1725 RPM motor with about a 2.5 inch pulley. …

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