Atlas Copco Air Elektronikon Controllers

While this site has no official status with the Atlas Copco Elektronikon controllers, the name being a registered trademark of Atlas Copco, some of visitors to this site each day are looking for help with the Elektronikons they own or service. I've created this forum page for them.

To start with, contacting Atlas Copco is the logical first step.

You can get some help from Atlas Copco if you have a smart phone, and your Atlas Copco compressor has a compatible Elektronikon� monitoring system. Get the Atlas Copco monitoring application here. (Please note, if the link has failed, visit for a new link.) I hope this app from Atlas Copco provides some help to some of you.

Atlas Copco elektronikon controller

That the Elektronikon� has some issues that folks have to deal with is for sure. So if you are one of those that has a problem with their Atlas Copco Air Elektronikon Controllers, please have a read of the postings below. If the answer you are looking for is not already there, post your question using the form below, and I would expect you'll get some advice promptly.

Those of you that already have Atlas Copco Air Elektronikon Controllers and can offer advice for any of the questions, my thanks!

You can download your own copy of the Electronikon User Manual - provided by Atlas Copco - here.

And here, with my thanks to Brandon, is the GA18, -30, -37, -45, -50, -55, -75, -90 (W) VSD User manual for Elektronikon® II regulator

Cheers, Bill.

Have an issue with Atlas Copco Elektronikon Controllers?

Here is where you might find some help. First, please make sure that your post / question / comment is about Elektronikon Controllers. If it relates to another compressor issue or another brand it cannot appear on this forum. If in doubt, use the forum on the ASK page. Thanks!

Other visitor's issues with Atlas Copco Elektronikon Controllers

Please see below. You may find a solution to your problem already posted.

Need help remote control GA55 Electronikon MK5 
Dear Sir, I have a GA55 compressor build in 2015 with Electronikon MK5 standard controller. Now I try to start/stop the compressor remote but when …

Display Elektronikon(R) controller not working? 
Display of elektronikon(R) controller show unreadable format and not working anything why? Part no .1900071032 Serial no.31101113121

Old Elektronikon - How to set? 
Dear Bill Its my Atlas copco GA55 - 7.5 bar, with old type of Electonikon controler. After power failure, led indicat loading bar not on. Need code nr …

Looking for Electronikon programming software 
Good day! I look for a software to program Electronikon MKIV, Would you please help me to find it?

GET ERROR CODE 104 on G45  
Hi I have a Atlas copco Model G45 I get error code104 when I turn it on I check ground its ok can you help to fix this problem foad

My Electronikon Regulator is not loading properly 
Dear Bill, I am service provider for air compressors based in Pakistan. I have replaced Atlas Copco Electronikon 1900 0710 32 fitted on Atlas Copco …

error code 7301  
my ga50 vsd displaying error 7301 sys failure what does it mean &how to solve

product name: elektronikon master controller Ø part No.:1900070105

Cannot access compressor control mode CCM in menu 
Screen always shows Remote Control, and will not start . spare elektronikon is the same. CCM is not present in menu to change this

Does anyone have the list of Elektronikon codes so everyone can refer to them for troubleshooting (If someone has them in electronic format - we will …

How can we change running hours in Elecktronikon-I 
We had an Elecktronikon-I display screen which was replaced with a new one. Somehow the running hours were reset during the replacement process. We need …

Error code on two Atlas Copco compressors 
we have 2 compressors Model: ZH 10000-4-9. operating hours ZH #1: 26756 operating hours ZH #2: 20853 Set-point: 6.8 bar Off-set load/unload: 0.2 …

Problems with elektronikon 2 controller 
Hi.. My name is Anil. i work for a company in Trinidad and Tobago. I am currently having some problems with an elektronikon2 controller.I am unable to …

Z machine - mark 5 elektronikon help troubleshooting? 
Atlas copco z machine with mark 5 elektronikon help troubleshooting New atlas copco z machine with mark 5 elektronikon. Can't change starts per day …

atlas copco elektronikon error 14 
Elektronikon shows error 14 - any ideas why?

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