Atlas Copco Compressors

Atlas Copco is a worldwide manufacturer of drillng, haulage, concrete equipment, compaction devices, air tools and motors, and yes, the Atlas Copco compressors.

Their air compressor lines include centrifugal compressors, high pressure compressors, reciprocating and rotary screw in lubed and non-lubricated design, and a broad range of tow-behind portable air compressors.

They have been around a while! The Atlas Copco we know today was founded in 1873. Their origins are, I believe, in Stockholm Sweden.

Atlas Copco air compressors

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Atlas Copco fault codes

Electronikon I & II controller manual

GA90 - GA315W range of compressors

Atlas Copco Compressor Issues

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Motor converter failure 5 and 97 in GA45  
pl suggest what was the reson for below warning. motor converter failure 5 in atlas copco GA45 compressor motor converter failure 97 in atlas copco …

Atlas Copco XAS375 J6 code SPN 1947 FMI 007? 
Have a code SPN 1947 FMI 007 and cannot find any listing anywhere to show any codes for these units. We have 4 of them onsite.

Atlas Copco Low Load Alarm 
Our new compressor has an error message Low Load Alarm. Any idea what to do?

What does system failure 7001 ZR 275 mean? 
System failure 7001 ZR 275 on the display. What does it mean?

GA 37 VSD compressor motor converter timeout 
Good day sir.. After we carry out maintenance of the compressor ..we change oil separator, air and oil filter and high pressure hose for system oil..when …

Overload in the fan motor and the controler on GA55 
The ga55 don't start due over load of the cooling fan I connected the directly and sperated from the electrical circuit

GA 110 code 512 Motor Overload  
GA 110 tripped out on motor overload code 512 reset then ran for the day . This morning it tripped out on oil injection element -0 psi perm start max 36 …

Atlas Copco GA75VSD Error code F0022 
Error code F0022. Any idea what this code means?

GA 55 series oil cooler always leakage  
Hy admin we have a problem that is often repeated in our unit where the oil cooler is always leaking. perhaps these four or five times we encountered …

Atlas Copco zh 7000 displays sensor error 
In our Altas Copco ZH 7000 Compressor,sensor error is displayed in screen. Can anyone help me to find the reason behind this error and how to rectify …

Atlas copco XRH 1100 compressor engine will start and go off when loaded 
The rpm is at 6758 but it use to be higher when it was working well. what would i do?

How long can we run the G45 compressor? 
How much time we can run the compressor on continue basis? Is there any time frame or schedule to run the compressor?

How much oil atlas copco gx11 ? 
How much oil do i need to do an oil change on my atlas copco gx11. I would like to change the oil on my Atlas Copco Gx11 and would like to know how …

xas 97 jd won't idle. stalls when valves are closed 
I go through the the start up procedure with the valves open and it runs and operates, but when i close the valves the machine stalls out almost immediately. …

ZT90 Element 1 high oulet temperature while discharging 
Hi, we're having problems with one of our ZT90 Atlas Copco screw compressors. In compression cycle everything is OK. But when discharging element 1 …

Compressor motor converter time out? 
I'm working with a new 50 hp ivr reciprocating air compressor. My problem is when i start compressor after few minutes it shows COMPRESSOR MOTOR CONVERTER …

Information on Aq55 FF and AQ55VSD? 
Any information/topic for Aq55 FF and AQ55VSD? Including troubleshooting manual? Can't find troubleshooting manual

GA 75 VSD after shutdown unit can't run 
i have GA 75 VSD, after shutdown unit can't run. At the display reading " convert timeout " It happen after we do annual shut down need your help. …

Atlas copco gx2ff won't stay running. 
I Have an atlas copco gx2ff that keeps on tripping on the unit. It will run for several hours and then trip out on the unit. I can go and turn the on switch …

High temperature to 110 and shut down  
My compressor going to 105 and up ..then make an emergency shutdown... What can I do or tell me which components I should change ...

Initial overhaul required 
Initial overhaul required as appeared on my atlas compressor what does this mean exactly?

decreasing of lube oil level model ZT 200 
we have a screw type oil free compressor model ZT 200. there was a leakage from oil filter when operator arrived to the compressor Oil Sight Glass was …

GA75 Element Outlet Pressure 9.0 bar - alarm 
Hi, recently one of my GA75 compressor was found high element outlet pressure 9.0 where setting only 2 bar limit. Then, the compressor was stop and …

Atlas Copco Rubber Coupling. 
Need help what is the item code for rubber coupling for XA 60 or XAS 60? please help? And Where to Buy?

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What is GA 30 system error 200? 
i have atlas copco compressor always giving me system error 200 please help

XAS 97JD 2004 Fuel Tank Removal  
A puddle of fuel accumulates beneath the unit, running or not. Fuel lines are not leaking, suggesting a possible hole in the tank itself. Efforts at …

Unloader valve not working GA22 
I have an air compressor GA 22 . the loader unloader valve not working . kindly tell me the possible reasons.

zt 132 airend 1 overheating 
Airend 1 is overheating and cutting out after only 10 - 15 mins of use. Please advise.

Atlas XAS90jd don't get any air from the outlet 
I have a atlas xas 90 that runs fine and builds up air but i don't get any air from the outlet. Pressure gauge goes up to 150 when running and goes …

GA37 saftey valve issues 
GA37 loads and unloads fine but pressure relief in oil separator keeps blowing off

GA 160 element temperature rises 
we have a compressor Atlas Copco GA 160. quando (when) is charging it works well, but when it comes into unloading, the temperature of the element rises …

compressor atlas copco xam 856 no start the engine 
compressor atlas copco xam 856. The engine what we have is cat* D 3126,to the digital screen on computer no failure all the sensor is good,i put the diagnostic …

Atlas XAS90jd 185cfm OIL CHANGE? 
Wondering if anyone can guide me through changing the oil in my old atlas 185 cfm diesel compressor. I am referring to the actual compressor oil. I …

xas 375 sensor fails wont even crank 
I have an atlas copco xas 375 wont crank has failure code sensor fail s

GA90+ Fan motor overload open fault will not clear  
I have a GA90+ Fan motor overload open fault will not clear. I am working on a ga 90 +. It was continuously shutting down on fan motor overload open. …

GA22 Has Oil mixing with Outlet Air 
Atlas copco GA22 screw compressor - Excess oil mixing with Air discharge out to fixture. I have replaced the Oil separator with new, but still the …

GA7FF overheats, element outlet over temp. Fans are not coming on. 
I have two ga77ff with what appears to be identical issues both had been serviced recently and both are over heating. The element outlet temp is high. …

How to drain water from XAS brand of compressor? 
is it applicable (normal?) for portable compressor to accumulate water in the air tank? if yes how or where to drain it?

GA18 keeps blowing fuses  
The Air compressor is being used in a Water Microfiltration Plant. It keeps blowing the 3 Amp fuse when the pressure goes over 60 psi. What could be causing …

GA55 error message 10030000000 
What does atlas copco ga55 error message 10030000000 mean?

Atlas copco ecu 7009 error 
Keep getting ecu 7009 protect lamp error. What does it mean?

Is Atlas Copco XAS 375 JD6 equipped to contain any oil or fuel leakage? 
Relative to Atlas Copco XAS 375 JD6 compressor, is the unit equipped to contain any oil or fuel leakage and not let it spill to the ground? I work as …

XAHS447 / XAHS950CD7 has ECU 7009 protect lamp warning 
Hi , We have Air compressor ( engine driven), when we start running the compressor , we found amber light with display " ECU 7009 protect Lamp". In …

troubleshooting an expansion module error on Atlas Copco compressor 
What is causing an expansion module error on the compressor which I have to power reset to start compressor back up?

Atlas Copco GAVSD37 has "thermal flash"? 
Two years old, it has 10,000hrs, oil has gone into the motor terminals cause of an oil leak, AC says its cause of something they call "thermal flash" …

250z atlas copco (fault) compressor motor converter time out 
250z atlas copco (fault) compressor motor converter time out - does anyone know what the cause is

Used GA-90 Remote Start/Stop Circuit 
We acquired a used GA-90 SN: AIF .079712 a couple of months ago. I installed the compressor and coupled the outlet port to 2-250 gallon air-holding tanks …

XAS 375 JD6 "internal error unack" fault code  
Hi Bill and anyone who can help, We have a atlas copco XAS 375 JD6 screw compressor here on site in PNG . Its displaying "internal error unack" also"sensor …

Atlas Copco GA 75 has converter fault 
Our compressor will start but immediately will stop. Error says converter failure. I reset and start again and it runs perfectly all day until the …

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GA55 VSD getting hot 
We just received a used unit from another plant GA55VSD (2010) running the compressor above 50% load and the unit gets hot and shuts down, lowering the …

xas 125 wont keep running 
ive just bought a diesel starts fine but shuts down after only a few minutes,it will restart again straight away but again will shut down.... …

xsc 185 screw compressor has low air 
I have a xsc 185 screw compressor. It was working ok but now it just wants to build 85 lbs working pressure and no more with the valve open or closed. …

XATS 377 sensor fails... 
Atlascopco air compressor XATS 377 1. sensor fails. unack display 2. internal error display sometimes

XAM546 Not Loading 
XAM546 compressor which is built with a C13 cat engine, when we put the compressor on load the engine raise in sound like it is loaded but will return …

Why Atlas Copco G18 blows oil and smokes? 
Hello, I have an Atlas Copco that was rebuilt a little over 1000hrs ago including a new air end. I noticed the air inlet filter is wet with oil …

GA37 has smoke near Air Filter 
GA 37 smoke coming out near Air Filter when oil changed Earlier we used Roto Extend we changed it to Roto Inject. Is it because we changed the oil

ZR4 bleed off alarm 
I am trying to identify the cause of a Bleed off alarm on a ZR4 compressor. Any advice from the group. I do not have any manuals or documentation. …

Atlas Copco GA 55 tripping breaker randomly 
My GA55 is tripping main breaker when it starts-up from the unit going to stand-by stoppage for low demand. It's random, may not trip for month, may …

Atlas Copco 185 pressure issue and smells like rubber burning 
2012 Atlas Copco 185 will run fine but not build any pressure, smells like rubber burning but all belts and pulleys are good.

XAS 96JD stalls when the air valve is closed 
XAS 96JD stalls when the air valve is closed, it is unloading at 120 psi. Runs continuously while valve is open at high throttle, new fuel filters …

The causes of high vibration in an Atlas Copco screw compressor 
causes of high vibration in screw air compressor.I have change the bearings yet no improvement.

GX7 Motor Relay Overload 
Recently installed GX7 FF which runs for a few minutes before shutting off due to motor relay overload. Has happened sporadically and then run for 24 hours. …

Why GR 110 Compressor input shaft oil seal leakage? 
Hi, we have a GR110 compressor which leaks oil at the input shaft seals. It has been repaired twice with no improvement. It seems pressure may be building …

How to reset motor converter 
Compressor motor converter timeout indication was coming... but we can't able reset....plz need full

Water in air lines Atlas Copco GX2 FF 
We have an Atlas Copco GX2 FF air compressor which is producing water into the air lines which control valves. How do I test the air dryer to see if it …

Atlas Copco GA7 noise at air-end, run until it fails? 
One of our GA7 units is making a growling noise at the air-end. The noise changes pitch depending on if it is loaded or unloaded. It is still making …

Trying to reset hours compressor has service alarm 
Trying to reset hours, alarm unit has service alarm. Instruction book talks about tabulator key 5 ??

GA90vsdff getting element output alarm 
Have ga90vsdff will not run more than a minute then I get element output alarm.

GA37 filling air tank with water 
GA37 filling air tank with water. Compressor is only 4 months old.

XAS 85 blowing white smoke? 
i start the compressor and it smoke from a tube underneath. its white smoke

GA 22 Atlas Copco comes up for a few seconds then shuts back down 
The company I work for acquired a AtlasCopco GA 22 screw compressor. After installing when we try to start it if comes up for a few seconds then shuts …

GA45 VSD High element outlet temp. service bulletin 
We have 2 GA45 VSD units and one tripped on high element outlet temp. Had Atlas tech come out and it was a faulty oil stop valve. Easy fix. A birdy …

GA 37 element outlet temperature safety wont let it start 
I have GA 37 and the element outlet temperature safety wont let it start. The temperature on the screen is showing as 29 degrees centigrade and the tripping …

Atlas copco xrhs 366 "engine not responding " fault code 
my xrhs 366 shuts down after running for a few minutes and displays error code " engine not responding" please help am stuck

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XAS 60 DD won't unload and stalls engine  
I have an XAS 60 DD that runs and works fine. Except it doesn't seem to be unloading when you are not using air. I have to station a guy beside the …

How to bump up pressure on GA111 ? 
How to bump up from 100psi to 125psi on a ga111 model screw compressor id#1001348.

GA55 air compressor shuts down on high element outlet temperature 
My GA55 air compressor shuts down on high element outlet temperature within minutes of start. What can i do?

GA 90 element outlet temperature warning 
I have a Atlas Copco GA 90. element outlet temperature is coming on. The temperature reading at the display will be at around 82 degrees and then spike …

Remove Emergency stop code 
The emergency code wont go away.

XAMS 546 not compressing more than 3.19 bar G 
XAMS 546 not compressing more than 3.19 bar G. Any ideas?

XAS 85 Compressor help  
Hello I have an Atlas Copco XAS 85 175 cf. portable air compressor that runs ok . The issue I'm having is it will not build air pressure above 50psi …

Why does oil spurt out when ZR3 is compressing  
Oil spurts out oil filler pipe when ZR3 unit is compressing . Unit was in service, it shut down, noticed oil all over the compressor side of the unit, …

GX7 cutting out on motor overload 
My 3 year old GX7 compressor has started cutting out on motor overload after running for a few minutes. It is in a good well ventilated clean environment …

XATS 375 having sensor fail in log list 
XATS 375 having sensor fail in log list. How do i find out which sensor is the problem? How to to retrieve which sensor is the problem with XATS 375 …

G-A30+ shuts down on overloading 
problems in atlas compressor model no G-A30+ compressor shut down from air pressure unloading position & showing on screen overloading

XAS 175 Atlas Copco Frozen Air Compressor 
The Air Compressor on my Atlas Copco XAS 175 is frozen. The engine is fine but the air unit is frozen and wont turn

2001 GA15 FF stays running in unloaded state 
I have a 2001 GA15 FF Atlas Copco, compressor, Stays running in unloaded state Hello, this compressor has worked flawlessly for years, according to …

GA50VSD shuts down with a convertor failure 
Shuts down with a convertor failure.cannot find the issue

XAS 80 DD staying running 
XAS80DD starts fine builds air after 10 min. shuts off hold button and will start right up and run and shuts off again, if i hold the button in can keep …

Compressor trip due Undervoltage alarm 
compressore trip due Undervoltage alarm

GA 75 has starting problems 
I would have one question and a request if you could help us . We have two compressor GA 75 and GA 808 appears to us was a problem starting the compressor …

Atlas Copco XAS 185 will not load 
I have an XAS 185 375 CFM that I use for sandblasting. I am unable to get the compressor to load properly when attempting to pressurize my sand pot. …

How can we reduce idle time on a GA 45+? 
we have a GA 45+, of the total run time, 10% is loaded and 90% is unloaded, its costing us a fortune in electricity for the idle time. is there a way …

Atlas Copco XAS 85 not maintaining pressure 
starts good,goes hard with good pressure but after 10 minutes or so pressure starts dropping off,,engine still maintains revs but not producing enough …

GA 250 has high current when loading 
we have a GA250, the motor is a 250kw 435A 415v @ 50HZ motor that draws around 460A when loaded to 6.8 bar. the compressor is rated to 7.5bar. we have …

Oil is blown out of Atlas Coco Castle 97 Hardhat  
I have a issue where airend oil is blown out the air outlet. I replaced the separator filter with a genuine part and oil still coming out. What could be …

Seizing of screw in GA 160 compressor 
We are using Atlas Copco GA 160 compressor since last 1 year for plant air application. we have 4 failure of screw element. Mainly during starting …

ZT 90 shutting down whilst indicating "element 1" 
My ZT 90 has a problem of shutting down whilst indicating "element 1" after about 30 minutes of running. Please advice.

Troubleshooting the Atlas Copco GA30 air compressor 
i change all the bearing on the motor and the compressor element and start it for few minutes i observe smoke from the element side. Please give some …

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xas 80 dd blows by the safety release valve 
I have an xas 80 dd that on start up blows by the safety release valve, will not build pressure...I need start up instructions...Faulty release valve?

Where is separator on Atlas Copco XAS 90 
Hello. I have a Atlas Copco air compressor that we use at our farm for blowing off combine harvests and equipment from all the dust they get on them, …

Converter format failure on ZT 22VSD FF 
my fault is "converter format failure" what should i do. model is ZT 22VSD code 79

GA7 VSD+ FF shows element outlet temerature high  
GA7 VSD+ FF shutdown. shows element outlet temerature is high. The fan motor is not running though it seems to be " running" on the display > fan motor …

Atlas Copco ZR275 "Internal Failure 7002" 
The Elektronikon display gives me the fault message, "Internal Failure 7002". I cannot find in any of our literature what that failure code means. …

GA 18 trips breaker after starting 
Compressor status reads ok. When I start the machine It runs for 15 seconds or so and then trip the breaker. If there was an issue with the compressor …

How to wire in the pilot valve on an Atlas Copco LE7 
I have an older Atlas Copco LE7 80g air compressor running with a 5HP 1PH 230v motor. The unit has a separate motor starter (2Pole contactor with OL and …

Getting shutdown alarm on GA 18 VSD 
GA 18 VSD compressor built in 2003 getting a shutdown and alarm of "compressor motor converter timeout" Happens at various times,but now it wont reset …

Troubleshooting an Atlas Copco GA45 compressor 
Screw type air compressor GA45 not working (Unloading ok but loading not working) Our compressor setting 6.5(loading pressure) & 7.5 (unloading Pressure)but …

Atlas Copco oil separator element fails 
Atlas copco GA608 oil separator element busts and becomes out of shape. Oil comes in the air line, and the compressor builds up smoke.

GA37 shuts down on element outlet 
The compressor shuts down with element outlet temp. going high. What is the solution?

XAHS 273, Atlas Copco has stop failure 
I have air compressor (XAHS 273, Atlas copo), I can start the compressor without problem and loaded with air normally, but the issue is when I'm trying …

GA55FF Main Motor Converter fault and Dryer Dewpoint Protection Fault. 
I am servicing a GA55 FF that has a Main Motor Converter Alarm as well as a Dryer Dewpoint protection alarm. Its running cool at 60 C and Ambient air …

Atlas Copco max 407 has a problem 
Atlas Copco max 407 has a problem of oil in air line outlet. Please can you help me?

What does JDEC warning mean? 
JDEC warning unAck on display what does that mean?

Dp oil seperator pressure rises to its maximum value 
DP OILSEPERATOR PRESSURE GOING BEYOND SHUTDOWN LIMIT IN NO TIME? Dp oil seperator pressure rises to its maximum value of 1.00 bar and compressor shutdown …

What cause "fault converter open" warning? 
What cause "fault converter open" happen to the compressor? how to overcome? There has been happen a problem of "Fault Converter Open" to our VSD Compressor. …

How many running hours before GA90 compressor overhaul? 
Every how many running hours GA90 compressor has to be overhauled? We have a G90 compressor currently with 23000 running hours. Please advise what …

Atlas Copco LT5. Stopped ??? 
Our LT 5 just stopped pumping ??? I think the motor over heated. Is there no reset on the motor ??? Do I have to let it cool down to room temp …

Atlas Copo GS30VSD shut down 
Atlas Copo GA30VSD Shut down and displays compressor motor converter failure. The electronics bay LCD says "short circut 2340" Sounds expensive. …

Oil in air on Atlas Copco air compressor 
what can cause a GA22 atlas copco compressor to spill all the oil out from the intake valve? i check it,clean all the spill, refill the tank and start …

Burnt rubber smell and smoke coming from between the engine and compressor on a xas96  
Have a xas96 . Burnt rubber smell and smoke coming from between the engine and compressor Was running fine then all of the sudden no more air and the …


Atlas Copco error code ST2, 100400000000 
I have 2007 Atlas copco diesel air compressor model XAS 375 with john deer T3 engine (model 4045hf285). It was running good until a red light turns …

GA160 air compressor shuts down on "element outlet" 
Compressor shuts down on "element outlet" fault. Temp. shoots up immediatly after startup. Oil is good and coolers have been cleaned. Cooling fans start …

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GA 45 compressor will not start - Eletronikon II error message 
Electronikon II panel show , Motor Over load open and Shut down open , GA 45 compressor will not start

help load on my compressor shuts it down 
When i put a load on my compressor it shuts down

XRHS 396 compressor not reaching pressure 
The engine cuts out when there is demand to push pressure from 12bar to 20bar the compressor discharges air through the intake filters when it stops. …

No oil flow on Ga1110 when loaded 
Our Atlas Copco GA1110 have the problem when loaded the oil stops flowing through the oil stop valve, it is open, into the rotor casing and then it will …

Atlas Copco its like it locks up 
recently purchased a mack service truck with atlas copco compressor. worked fine for about a week is PTO driven,,now u most open tank drain, release …

GA 90 showing 7301 system failure warning 
my ga90 vsd 1998 displaying error 7301 sys failure what does it mean &how to solve Ga 90 vsd make year 1998 every thing OK we did overall service

GA55 oil injected compressor oil is lathering 
we have GA 55 oil injected atlas copco compressor . One problem is recurring very frequently and we are very worried . the problem is that oil is forming …

GA 30 issues - takes too long to start 
I have a GA30. it was working at another place. after powering up, the green diode ligths up but it takes about five minutes to start. Is there a way to …

Information on Atlas Copco Prime Air compressor. Would appreciate the help. 
I purchased an Atlas Copco Prime Air air compressor yesterday and cannot find much information or manuals on it. Not sure if there have been changes made …

atlas copco atsl140 wont start 
The ats1-140 oil free compressor we use at work has repeated problems with the pressure switch. The unit runs continuously from 9am to 8pm and probably …

GA75 lost power on display 
Our GA75 compressor lost power on the display unit, yet the incoming power is fine. We checked all visible fuses. What can be wrong? Where can we look

Atlas Copco compressor keeps blowing off oil lines 
Hi, my atlas copco tow behind compressor keeps blowing off oil pipes, I can run it all day with no problems then start it up the next day and within an …

Atlas Copco compressor will not build air 
atlas copco 756 xas cd.2006.year air will not build. but engine run. some noise from compr/element.

GA 75 separator temperature too high ? 
screwed air compressor GA75 ,separator temp raises to 225ºF,few minutes after it start; I checked oil level ,Ok,I cleaned "combicooler", Ok; room temp …

Atlas Copco compressor oil issues 
Curtis compressor - Alternatives for an air filter for compressor pump our compressor model is ATLAS COPCO 136

Atlas Copco GA 75 motor overloads? 
atlas copco ga75 shuts down with a motor overload fault about twice a day compressor shuts down with a motor overload fault I can reset and start again …

Atlas Copco GA122 does not cut out - running warm with burnt oil smell? 
Atlas Copco Model GA122 cannot cut-off and discharge air properly once the air full Dear sir, I am using Atlas Copco Model GA122 air compressor. …

Atlas Copco problems like will not build pressure? 
Atalas copco GA15 will not build pressure satisfactorily Pressure can not be built up beyond 6 bar ____________________ Prashant, 6 bar is about 150 …

Screw type Atlas Copco stopped working 
atlas copco screw type its stopped working now it has been making a struggling noise to start but always started but its stopped working now ______________________ …

Atlas Copco compressor users have questions - do you have answers? 

atlas copco ga30ff blowing off air 
I have a atlas copco ga30ff air compressor. after running for awhile it begins to release air out of a plastic 1/4 inch tube which is connected to a black …

GA45FF shut down - showing an alarm code 
UITLAT TEMPERATURE 36 DEGREE CELCIOUS DRAR..........I actually want to know what's the exact problem of this alarm? My compressor model GA45FF

How To Add Remote Start/Stop circuit on a GA-90 
Adding a remote Start/Stop and E-Stop to a used GA-90 Compressor. At first , I added a momentary N.O. switch between 1X6-53 and 1X6-56 and a N.C. …

Fan blades ran into radiator 
My atlas Copco 185 cfm diesel compressor fan blades ran into the radiator gard after hitting a speed bump, why?

1997 GA5 System failure 200 
System failure alarm 200 when the compressor is switched on. After resetting the alarm nothing happens when pressing the start button. All conditions …

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gr200-ff not loading and unloading 
gr200-ff compressor not unloading and loading, showing sensor error, and switch off even if it didn run for more than minute.

GA45+ atlas wuxi copco shutdown suddenly 
GA45+ atlas wuxi copco shutdown suddenly . Can't reset need to shut all power and all reset . Under expansion module shows fan motor overloaded . …

xas 185 cfm engine cranks wrong time 
xas/185 cfm engine cranks when switching to position 1 but does not start and cranks and runs at position 3. switch in position 1 should not crank engine? …

What does system failure 14 mean in GA22? 
It is showing a message on screen - system failure 14. So how to rectify this problem. Thank you Please help as soon as possible.

Differences between input & output flow for compressor & dryer 
Hi Everyone, Good afternoon. Just to share the flow for compressor output & dryer output flow for one of our centrifugal compressor & zero-purged …

Help finding spare parts for a KE6 B4 
As above. Anyone know where in the world I can get new valves for this mobile compressor? Serial number says it was manufactured in 1970. Thanks …

Retrofit Ga 55 with VFD 
How to retrofit GA55 with VFD. Can anybody show me a control diagram connection that link to electronikon controller.

What is code 100300000000 on ga 55 compressor 
Code 100300000000 on controlling screen of ga 55 compressor

GA 45 FF has a P9 fault 
The fault P9 appears and the compressor shuts down. We don't know what P9 is? Our compressor is GA 45 FF

What means compressor motor converter failure alarm 12? 
We have GA55 VSD FF compressor at our end. During unloading time compressor is getting alarm Compressor Motor conv . failure alarm 12 Any ideas?

Xas 350dd atlas copco air tank separator overheat 
the separator collapse and after replacing it the hose was not connected as it use to be causing the air tank separator to overheat.

Why ZT 250 element 1 outlet temp alarm 
I have an Atlas Copco ZT 250. It is going out on high temp for element 1 outlet. I have noticed element 2 outlet is running hotter then usual. …

Unloading alarm on GA 22 atlas copco compressor? 
what cause an unloading alarm on ga22 atlas copco compressor?

Need to know what hyd/air compressor fluid 
Our company has purchased a large sandblaster that has an Atlas Copco compressor on it. All fluids have been drained and not enough fluid to get a sample. …

Oil injection element shutdown 
Atlas compressor shuts down asking for reset of oil injection element

ZR315VSD Modbus Readings 
Good day to everyone We have installed 7 sensors SPM on our new ZR315VSD. Readings on local panel are ok. Just want to check anyone got the modbus …

xas136dd high revs and unloading, then shuts down 
Hi,I have an xas136dd Atlas Copco compressor 2005 model. when I start it goes on very high revs ,engine heats up,when you load it with outlet valves …

Overload switch on XAS75dd 
My overload switch is going off after a few seconds of operation.

xas 750 oil/air separator filter can not be found 
i only found this part no on the body of the separator 1604-132. the rest has cleaned off. also on the same separator big seal side is 1604-1392-01 …

1350/350 atlas copco that won't run 
I have a 1350/350 Atlas Copco that won't run. The machine panel displays oil stop valve and won't load the compressor. Is this a common problem? …

ES 6 Configuration 
Dear Sir, I just upgraded the controllers and sequencer of GA55 Atlas Copco compressor to MK5 and ES6. Currently there are 2 compressor (Compressor …

Atlas XAS 185 JD7 will not stay on 
I have a atlas air compressor Xas 185 jd7 that starts up but once I let go of the crank position and it goes in to the run position it turns off won't …

What is a JDEC WARNING on xas 400 jd7 
Starts and runs for approximately five minutes and then gives me a JDEC WARNING then goes into JDEC SHUTDOWN. What is this and can I remedy the problem? …

Meaning of Atlas Copco high temp alarm 
atlas copco alarm element high temp. whats meaning?

Atlas Copco compressor model GA 37 dew point issue 
We have atlas copco compressor of model no GA 37.It shows maximum dew point around 53C.After that we observed their was some leakage of refrigent in dryer …

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Compressor oil out of drain on G55 compressor 
i have atlas copco g55 compressor ,at the drain i found oil coming out,

Atlas Copco compressor stops after 30 seconds 
my air compressor atlas copco GX7-11 YD IEC start but stop about 30 s after ? _____________ Can anyone offer a suggestion for Richard? Thanks, …

Check valve needed on an Atlas Copcp GA 250 
Do we need to install a non return valve on the outlet from the compressor? ______________________ I won't argue with whatever Atlas Copco tells …

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