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If you are not working with air cylinders and air valves all the time, trying to figure out what to use in a specific application, or how to build the air circuit, can lead to air cylinder questions.

Different air cylinder specifications like NFPA or ISO may create some confusion.

This is a self-help forum for folks that do not use air cylinders every day, and are stumped about some aspect of using air cylinders on their project.

air cylinders
I invite those familiar with air cylinders to offer advice on any existing submission. That will be of enormous help to others that may be looking for the same air cylinder answer.

Remember, the only dumb question is the one that is not asked. If you have any air cylinder questions, take a moment to fill out the form below, to get some assistance. And obviously, only comments to do with air cylinders and the use of them can be posted on this page.



Air Cylinder Information

Having an issue with or need some information about air cylinders? Have some information to share? This is the place.

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Hi can anyone tell me what size air cylinder i need to make a can crusher please

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Can we store air inside the Air Cylinder at high pressure and use the air that is stored inside to cool down a metal ? _______________ Hello there... …

Force of compressed air 
if you have 100 psi and force it through a 2" round cylinder how many foot pounds of force is generated ______________ Mike, see the pages on air cylinders …

Double acting air cylinders 
when do we use double-acting cylinder actuator for valves? is there any advantage of double-acting cylinder actuator over single acting ? if so what? …

Choosing a pneumatic cylinder 
How to calculate cylinder capacity /Force required for any work place. Hi Hariom... Just look here. Cheers, Bill

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