Abac Air Compressors

Abac air compressors have been based in the UK since the 1980's.

They manufacture a range of piston (reciprocating) and rotary screw air compressors, and offer them through select distribution in more than 100 countries.

Abac air compressors also offers a range of air preparation equipment including dryers and filters.

Their intended market is both the smaller, DIY type piston compressors, and the industrial market, with a wide range of rotary screw models and capacities.

Abac air compressors and accessories

The Abac website offers their compressor user a broad range of information including maintenance tips and information. That can be found at : http://www.abacaircompressors.com/ukus/.

This page provides a forum for Abac air compressor users, to ask questions about their compressor, and to help others that may be using the same model of Abac as they. Please use the comment form to ask or help. Only questions about Abac air compressors can be posted to this forum.

Abac Air Compressor Issues

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Here are other visitor's issues with Abac Air Compressors

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VT40 has two problems... 
We have screw vt40 model and we have 2 problems. First: the temperature reads almost 80 celsius when it start within 5 minutes and its stops when we …

Why doesn't my ABAC AD12-50 restart? 
I have an ABAC air compressor model AD12-50 ( 2.5hp and 50L) When using my air compressor it doesn't restart. It reaches to about 115 psi and just …

HP3 compressor motor struggling 
The motor pumps until about 3 bar and then slows down and struggles until fuse blows

Water in air and oil not getting seperated... 
Water in air and oil not getting seperated via solinoid. I need to troubleshoot the auto drain system in ABAC genesis 1103 air compressor where in …

ABAC ABV2051-50-2.5 BD leaks 
ABAC 2.5HP 50Litre Model number ABV2051-50-2.5 BD The compressor starts and reaches a pressure of 110PSI motor stops and an air leak coming from base …

ABAC 100 HP3 belt drive cuts after maybe 30 seconds. 
When switching the compressor on it will run for about 30 seconds, just as the compressor starts picking up speed the cut off switch cuts off the compressor. …

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