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Pump Needle Bearings - from Doug H.

Hey, I was browsing through the questions here to find an answer to my own, and noticed your asking about needle bearings. I also have a Speedaire 2z498 pump which I just did a rebuild on. The needle bearings are indeed very hard to find!

If you can get your old ones out, (my pump sat for 3 years full of water which made extraction a real P.I.A) take the most presentable one with you to an auto parts/machine type shop to match the dimensions. I went to several different small engine repair, refrigeration repair, and even vacuum repair shops with no luck finding them.

The auto parts/machine shop I finally came across tried to cross reference numbers from my needle bearings with no luck. Then as a last resort, he called one of their bearing suppliers and gave them the dimensions. Of course they had to be ordered, but the next day I had my two new needle bearings in hand for less than $20.00 and they fit perfect. Hope this helps you out as I know the frustration this simple problem brings, and if you have already found them.. maybe this can help another frustrated person out!