47065 keeps cutting out

by wayne
(green bay)

Central Pneumatic model 47065 air compressor

Central Pneumatic model 47065 air compressor

my47065 keeps stoping i have to hit the reset buttton it fills up 10 to 20 pounds and stops agin

Wayne, as a comment here, please tell us about your compressor power supply. Extension cord used? Power bar? Amperage of the circuit breaker for socket you plug the 47065 compressor into? How many other items are pulling power from the same circuit... this type of stuff.

If the reset button you refer too is the thermal overload protector for the compressor motor, then by resetting it too frequently, you may be causing the motor to overheat to the point of damage.

That your compressor motor is over heating suggests a power issue, at least, let's rule that out first.

If the power supply to the compressor is clean, then it were mine, I'd be checking the run capacitor next. You can see how on the page on this site.


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